Allan Wolman
Allan Wolman

Can free speech become hate speech?

The University of Cape Town (UCT) one of the oldest and best known universities in South Africa, an institution that was also in the forefront of the struggle for democracy as well as its universal reputation of educational excellence. For years UCT led the fight against apartheid and racialism yet despite its noble stand against that scourge the university has become a hotbed of reverse racialism and woke culture.

Just last week a senior lecturer of political science Dr. Lwazi Lushaba of UCT told his students that “Hitler committed no crime. All Hitler did was to do to white people what white people had normally reserved for black people.”  – this bigot chose to present his lecture on Yom Hashoa — International Holocaust Remembrance Day — carefully chosen to inflict as much hurt as possible.

In trying to understand his remarks that “white people had normally reserved for black people” needs some analysis. Now being a senior lecturer in political studies with a doctorate must he have some knowledge of history.

The greatest genocide on the African continent was perpetuated in the late 1800s by the Belgium King Leopold. Estimates of the deaths he caused range from 1 to 15 million people of the Congo. Statistics at that time in history were a bit hazy and the accuracy of these have always been in question as diseases have been the cause of a large percentage of those deaths — but let’s give the benefit of the doubt here and lay the blame at Leopold.

Reading some of the accounts of Henry Morgan Stanley’s travels through the Congo at that time he noted that much of the deaths and destruction were in fact perpetrated by those tribesmen whom Leopold designated as his agents.

The crux of that period of history was that Leopold did not systematically draw up a program of industrial murder — his motivation was profit derived from slave labor, not extermination.

Of course, there was the slave trade — but who were the slave dealers who sold millions of Africans into slavery — the Arab slave traders whose guilt was indeed greater than those purchasing the slaves. Not to forget the 50 years under the brutal apartheid regime, well documented but far from anything that could be described as a genocide, it should be noted that racial discrimination in many parts of Africa was the original legacy of British colonialism.

Fast forward to the latter half of the 1900s and early 2000s where the continent witnessed more genocide where millions were slaughtered. But Dr. Lushaba will know that the Darfur, Rwanda, Sudanese, Congolese, Zimbabwean, and other lesser genocides were not committed by whites on blacks but exclusively black on black genocide.

“Revisionist historians “ rewrite history to further their agenda’s to suit a certain narrative and one can only deduce that Lushaba falls into this category as every genocide of the post-war era on the continent was black on black — but according to this evil little man he places a totally different view on the slaughter of Africa.

This is the woke culture of the day this is the lie told often enough that becomes the truth and this is what ultimately must be exposed for what it is – reverse racism of the vilest nature.

The African National Congress (ANC), the ruling party in South Africa is extremely hostile to Israel due to the support that they received from the PLO during the struggle for democracy — but this hostility is tinged with an anti- Semitic undertone spurred on by the Palestinian support groups that enjoy the ear of the ANC party hierarchy and BDS South Africa conducts an ongoing and active campaign through the universities and other influential groups. Israel apartheid week enjoys wide publicity and support in the country. Needless to say that Dr. Lushaba is active within these groups.

The South African Chief Justice (CJ) was censured recently by the S.A. Judicial Council and summoned to issue an apology for his personal utterances supporting peace between Israel and Palestine in a webinar together with the S.A. Chief Rabbi, resulting from a complaint from S.A. BDS — something that the Chief Justice has refused to do, to his credit.

Just this week the S.A. Judicial Council are interviewing candidates for the incoming new CJ and there is a Jewish judge included in the shortlist of 5 Justices for the Constitutional Court — S.A. BDS has issued a strongly worded objection to his inclusion as he is a member of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (see this report in this weeks SA Jewish Report — we wait with bated breath to see if the university takes any action against Lushabe and to see if the S.A. Judicial Council will bow to the pressure from BDS. So much for the “Rainbow Nation” of non-racialism, non-sexism and freedom of expression enshrined in its constitution.

What Hitler did was a carefully thought out program to kill off an entire people with an industrial machine designed for death and death only. Nothing in the history of mankind can be equated to what Hitler did. But Dr. Lwazi Lushaba of UCT knows otherwise.

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Allan is a member of the South African (SA) Israel Media Team - lobby group that challenges negative reporting about Israel. The SA mainstream press is amongst the most hostile and biased press concerning Israel and supports BDS as is the ANC government of that country. He has been a contributor to combatting the false and sometime fabricated reporting on Israel and has had many letters to the editors published.
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