Can Israel Become the Startup Nation of Education and Social Responsibility?

All citizens of Israel are familiar with the title “Startup Nation.” It’s a source of great pride for our country, which is why we’ll find any reason to tell people all about it.

Simply put, Israel is leading the world in innovation: The Economist has stated that Israel now has more high-tech startups and a larger venture capital industry per capita than any other country in the world. That’s an incredible achievement for such a young and small country! And yet, as an educator and a socially conscious Israeli citizen, I still think something is missing.

Creating a New Kind of Startup Nation

We Israelis have the amazing ability to create great solutions for everyday problems and lead the world in business and technological innovation. So, isn’t it time we create solutions that positively affect the lives of our own citizens?

Most great companies created in Israel export their solutions to other countries while local Israelis don’t benefit from their success, especially those who need the most help: senior citizens, people with special needs, underprivileged youth, etc.

There are various measures of a nation’s worth, but in my opinion, the most valuable is its people’s ability to listen to those who can’t raise their voices. What truly matters is how we treat the less fortunate and what we do to solve our never-ending conflict with our neighbors.

We must ask ourselves: How are we treating our seniors? What have we done to help people with special needs live with dignity? What solutions can we come up with to end our conflicts?

How Israel Can Lead the World in Education and Social Responsibility

We pride ourselves on being the “startup nation,” but it’s time we take that title to the next level. Let’s use our creativity, courage, and talent to lead the world in education and social responsibility.

With unique and creative solutions, we can start to build the world we truly want. The key is to integrate our innovative business skills with the deeper values that define us as people and to put those values above the numbers on an accounting spreadsheet. The Jewish values that have led our people to become explorers, researchers, and world leaders in innovation are the same values that can help us solve the problems between society and the capitalistic world we live in.

So, if you care about Israel, I encourage you to find a deeper meaning in everything you do and always remember that the true measure of a nation is how its people treat those in need. Help us make Israel the startup nation of education and social responsibility.

About the Author
Itay is a graduate of Yizrael Valley College in Behavioral Science. He has worked as an informal educator with Israel’s Ministry of Education and is an expert in Israel and Jewish identity education. He has experience leading short-term immersive and long-term education programming to facilitate diverse Jewish learning experiences. Itay led and founded numerous social justice programs in Israel for students to come and meet Israel’s backyard and support the asylum seeker community and children in South Tel-Aviv before becoming one of the co-founders of Esperanso.
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