Can we really coexist?

Kate Perry, a well known singer known for her hit single ”I kissed a girl, I liked it”, made the statement “Can’t we really all co-exist?” after recent attacks in Manchester. Sure, maybe she kissed a girl and liked it, I couldn’t be bothered less, but the people she plans on coexisting with don’t like it. They do not tolerate it and furthermore they want you to submit to their ideology which is a far cry from co-existence.

Our celebrity friend is not alone in this matter. Thousands upon thousands many more LGBT activists have adopted a pro-Palestinian and Arab refugee stance. What they fail to realise, is the fact that these people do not share their mutual respect nor do they tolerate them. However these people decide to castigate the only country in the middle east where they won’t get executed – in the most gruesome fashion including stoning to death, lynching and yes, beheadings too. They do this knowing Eretz Israel is the only country in the entire Middle East that will tolerate them. Sure, a few fringe radicals, Haredim and nudniks will frown upon them, but very seldom will they bay for their blood. Yet go next door and see what it means to be LGBT in the Arab world which is slowly manifesting its presence in Europe. It couldn’t be more crystal clear when we witness Iran hanging them from cranes, Saudi Arabia decapitating or stoning them.

Sorry schmucks, I hate to burst your happy-go-lucky bubble but you can not co-exist with a bunch of deranged lunatics that seek your death and destruction, just because you are either an infidel or in a worse case scenario a gay infidel. This is a very hard and bitter pill to swallow for the likes of Queers for Palestine, LGBT against Islamaphobia, but hey, you guys are not alone in this. Many straight infidels are on the receiving end of their Jihad – even those that live amongst their own. Look no further than the massacre of Coptic Christians in the Sinai by ISIS militants. Guess who is busy pounding ISIS there to oblivion right now as we speak? Yes, your very worst nightmare, the state of Israel!

Jews in Jets dropping bombs on those who seek to harm us and many others in the name of achieving dhimmitude of the infidel masses. I am waiting for the mass protests in the streets. Oh boy, I am bracing myself for them. The globe is ready to go insane just because the Israeli Air Force is pounding Isis, while the silence on the offending party is so deafening my eardrums are ready to implode. Come on Cape Town/London/Paris? Where are your anti-Isis demonstrations or even the demonstrations against the gassing of Syrian kids? We didn’t do it! So therefore you are not bothered and won’t lose sleep any time soon. Sure, perhaps the good few in the Muslim world seek co-existence, but their constant pleas for sanity are drowned out by the radicals whom the likes of these wannabe co-existers pity saying they are simply misunderstood.

What is there to misunderstand when these maniacs run amok bombing concerts, night clubs, driving trucks into beach promenades and Christmas markets?
Gee, I also pity them. Poor Abdullah feels misunderstood when he decides to go and blow up a crowded disco, shoot up a school, decapitate an off-duty soldier and stab cops and civilians alike from Jerusalem to London and Stockholm. The rationalisation of their behaviour comes in the form of “they are acting up because the West is invading them for resources”. Even if that were slightly true, did the Mau Mau from Kenya run around London slaughtering civilians? Or even better, in Apartheid South Africa, how many black South Africans strapped explosive vests and walked into crowded supermarkets, or brainwashed their children into hatred? The answer is that none are correct, as these people really fought for freedom and the latter did so for equal co-existence..

The people you want to co-exist with, unfortunately do not want to co-exist with you and the only country in Europe that had the guts to stand up to this was Poland. Being first hand eyewitnesses of these refugees’ so-called co-existing behaviour throughout Europe, their self-respect wouldn’t allow them to be bullied by the rest of Europe into committing mutual suicide by allowing them in. The people of Warsaw held the largest mass rally in Europe against such immigrants, knowing they would be harmful to their country and not co-exist. Sometimes only some of us can co-exist. As for the rest of us, it’s not a matter of “can’t”, it’s simply a matter of refusing anything falling short of their demands.

Russian president Vladimir Putin rightfully lambasted the European Union for not protecting their own local population, even saying at one period that the Russian Federation does not need migrants, the migrants need the Russian Federation. Adding that if they want to live under the archaic laws they desire, they can go and live in countries where such customs are the norm, as opposed to imposing their laws. By pointing this phenomena out, he underlined the root of the Mid-East conflict. Why haven’t the “Palestinian’s” been integrated into society by their Arab host countries, as opposed to being kept in refugee camps? The answer is simple. In addition to being political pawns (How else would the Arabs be able to demand a so called “Palestine” without Refugees?), the lack of desire to co-exist in both parties involved is highly imminent. Why didn’t the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain take them in, or in fact the tragic Syrian victims? There is no shortage of land or housing for any amount of refugees there. They want to go to Europe under their own terms and conditions, with the audacity to demand that Europe accommodates them with no-go zones and implements sharia law.

So we hear the demands that we co-exist with people, made by someone who thinks she’s the picasso of a picture perfect world. Well my dear friend, just as much as you would like us to co-exist, some of us amongst the human species are just not quite ready for that. In Eretz Israel the so called “Palestinians”, just like the refugees in Europe, don’t want to co-exist. We know it, they know it. So we are not calling anyone’s bluff and most of all, the two most powerful men in the world, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, know it. They didn’t get to be where they are by dreaming up a Utopia of powder puff bubble clouds in the sky either. Through first hand experience they know what’s really at stake – the fate of civilisation something which some cannot begin to comprehend.

About the Author
Alon Fisher was born in Israel and grew up mostly in South Africa. He has always taken a keen interest in the SA-Israel relationship and the demonisation of Israel evident in so many South African and global institutions. He suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and therefore thinks "out-of-the-box."
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