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Can Yisrael stop the war now?

Flags of Israel and Iran (google images)

Can the State of Yisrael stop the war now? It actually could.

Of course, that would necessitate a release of ALL the hostages, it couldn’t be without. But after that? Even without Hamas completely defeated and Hezbollah not north of the Litani river? Again, it could.

However to take such a risk, Yisrael would need, at all cost, to profoundly change its strategic thinking.

The left has very slyly (and with a lot of hypocrisy if you ask me) placed all the blame of giving Hamas Qatari money for silence on Netanyahu but they were 100% on board with it. I don’t remember ONE leftist who strongly opposed it and said a war with Hamas would be better. Not one.

Even more, the left’s selective memory conveniently ‘forgets’ how in the last round with the Islamic Jihad, all the leftist pundits were urging the government not to drag Hamas into the conflict and to not give to the demands of the ‘extremists’ (ie. people like Smotrich or Ben Gvir according to the liberal media) who just want to raise chaos and war.

But if we had, Hamas would not have had the logistic capability to do the ignominious butchery of October 7 and that’s just a fact.

The conclusion from the recent year’s unfortunate events is: never let things cool off and the enemy organize. Beat the rod while it’s hot (that didn’t sound right).

I am not among those who think that if Hamas and Jihad were completely defeated there could be a chance for ‘peace’ (or at least some true ceasefire). For me, they’re all bloody savages and there will never be any long-lasting peace possible with them. I’m just being 100% honest here.

Therefore let’s stop wasting our time for something that will never happen. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah or even Isis, it doesn’t really matter. The thing is to keep them at bay, to make it clear that ANY attempt against Yisrael, no matter how minute, will be met with excessive and very deadly force so we get a true ceasefire, not out of their will to live in peace with us but out of the fear to end up in pieces from us.

Terms that the army, some politicians (not just on the left) and most journalists looooove to use, like: Equation or Containment, must absolutely disappear from our lexicon, forever.

If they send one rocket we must hunt them mercilessly. If Hezbollah build tents one millimeter inside our border we must burn them with everyone inside.

THAT is the only way to prevent any further attacks. They must be made clear that we will not accept any deviation whatsoever, never, not in any case.

This is the only way to safely return the inhabitants to the southern and northern borders. They must know there will be no more attacks because if the Jihadist organisations so much as make the apparence of one, we’ll bring them on their knees that very moment.

The US (with all do respect) and the world MUST understand we are in the Middle East and the mentality here is not that of Europe or North America.

In the Middle East, if I push you and you don’t push back, it’s because you’re weak. That’s the mentality here and it would be a good thing for the West to grasp it.

The real threat we can’t just keep at bay is Iran..

They (the Iranians supporting the regime) are “messianic” (for lack of a better word) Shia fanatics who see the final conflict with Yisrael as fulfilling the prophecy of the Mahdi (a sort of messianic like figure) and they have many nuclear sites built deep underground. When they’ll have the nuclear possibility to wipe us out (and that moment is fast approaching), they won’t hesitate to use it.

Therefore Iran is a different story, it needs to be confronted head on and the sooner the better. For all the other enemies on our borders, to keep them at bay is sufficient BUT, on the condition that we never let the hydra grow, cut its head immediately and not let ourselves being lulled into a false sense of security by antiquated terms like “containment” or “equation”.

Sadly, we have a very hostile administration currently in the White House under Biden and they are more than willing to use every trick in the book to keep us from completely destroying Hamas.

They may claim otherwise, but there is an intense pressure on Biden from all the extreme ‘progressive’ (read regressive) leftists he has surrounded himself with. Another source of vitriolic hatred for Yisrael and the Jews and well known bastions of marxist indoctrination are university campuses.

All these make for a very difficult time, not only for the state of Yisrael but for Jews around the world.

Never, since Nazi Germany of the 1930’s, has Jew hatred been so mainstream.

That is in no small part due to the obvious unwillingness of Biden and his surroundings to clearly state that there is no genocide in gaza, that it is a disgusting, vile and outrageous lie.

In this clearly hostile climate, it maybe would be best to keep it low on our part (at least until Trump is elected because he will), but again, this is only possible if we don’t let the Jihadist groups recoup and regain their pre-October 7 strength.

It does feel like a vast majority of the Israeli public, especially on the left, need a serious switch of the disc.

STOP being afraid of the US like your own shadow.
STOP thinking that if you ease gaza’s economical situation they’re gonna stop wanting to murder Jews.
STOP being afraid of an all out war with gaza or Lebanon, the public can take it.
STOP thinking that we must do E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G to release hostages, because if we say we’re ready to do everything, they’ll ask for anything and a government responsible for millions of citizens can’t afford that.
STOP thinking that if only we give them territories, there will be peace.
STOP thinking that Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem don’t belong to the Jewish people because they do.
STOP thinking that the Jews in Judea-Samaria are settlers and you are not because for muslims, we all are.
STOP thinking that if Hamas refuses a deal, somehow it is Netanyahu’s fault because it takes two to tango.

And more importantly, STOP listening to generals who still think that we’re in the Kippur or First Lebanon war and are so sure of themselves (and for the most part, so ideologically driven to the left) that their ego and narcissism make them reluctant to accept other opinions. This is exactly how October 7 took ALL of them by surprise.

We need new blood, in the army, in the media and in the courts.

Moreover, we need to put the people who warned about something like October 7 happening in key positions because obviously, they had it right when so many had it wrong.

STOP being afraid of the US reaction and stop being afraid of Hamas or Hezbollah reactions as well.

Every time any of them look like they’re planning something, DON’T WAIT.

Kill them and kill them all (Jihadi members). Kill the bad weed as soon as it grows.

Yes, we might not have ‘peace’ the way the left is fraudulently trying to sell it to the world, but we’ll have no more October 7 and that’s good enough for me.

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I was born in France and grew up in Montreal, Canada. I made Aliyah at age 21, out of Zionism and the deep religious feeling that my place is here, in Eretz Yisrael.
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