Celebrate Israel and Take the Sting Out of Hates

Ever on our minds: Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv, Israel [Photo credit: Author]
Ever on our minds: Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv, Israel. (courtesy)

When the Hamas terror group massacre 1,200 Israeli babies, unborn children, expectant mothers, innocent men and women, and kidnapped 250 others six months ago, there were outbreaks of disgust and revulsion across the civilised world.  For once, the civilised world wrapped its hands around Israel and showed an unusual solidarity with the Jewish nation.

Many people including yours truly naively believed the solidarity will endure. I was mistaken, sadly mistaken.

I watch in disbelief the pro-Hamas government of Turkey, its strident rhetoric and exports ban against Israel, and “from the river to the sea” crowds on the streets of the western capitals peeing on the bodies of dead Israelis, and no iota of concern about the kidnapped victims. The 80 years old ‘never again’ mantra becomes ‘now again’, in your face!

As I watch on the news hate matches against Israel and Jews become frequent and sporadically violent, embolden of course by the pathetically weak, knee-bending western leadership, I didn’t know when this thought sprout out of my mouth: “I bet a good bunch of these hate protesters are ‘benefiting’ from Israel’s ingenuity even if they couldn’t care less!”

“In what possible way?” I asked myself. A whole range of Israel’s ‘gifts’ to humanity filled my thoughts. So too were Israel’s technological inventions.

Food security also came to mind. “Surely”, I thought to myself, “many hate protesters would not have had the strengths to take to the streets this morning without food security made possible by Israel’s pioneered drip irrigation technology!” I had an aha moment!

What has this got to do with anything? A lot! If you are in the hate crowds, the chances are that you are among over 1 billion people across the globe, 70% of the UN member-nations, where Israeli’s Netafirm-pioneered drip irrigation farming technique is adopted, and enabling food security. And if my humour is right, there is only one word to describe Israel’s bashers: hypocrites!

This leads me to the focus of this and subsequent thought piece – celebration of Israel, its ingenuity and technological miracle that’re transforming the world and benefiting humanity before our eyes.

Indeed. The development and birth of drip irrigation technology is, in my view, one Israel’s finest moments and most important gift to the world. After all, without food, nothing else matters to mankind.

I have always been fascinated by the simplicity of the ideas behind drip irrigation which is similar to those behind the development of intravenous drips. IV drips allow hospital doctors to administer medications – formulated liquid – directly into the bloodstream through the veins for rapid absorption into the body.

Drip irrigation technology works fairly in the same way in agricultural farming. The technique allows farmers to apply water directly to the parts of the roots where it is needed most, to grow the crops. The technique also facilitates much needed the delivery of minerals to crops.

The transformation brought about by drip irrigation technology to agriculture across the world has been breathtaking – kudos to Israel’s ingenuity. In Africa and the Asia Pacific region, for example, where population growth does not keep pace with economic growth or where there are more mouths to feed than food available, drip irrigation has been a runaway success. Two of the biggest adopters of drip irrigation besides Israel, are South Africa, and India, where more than 35 million farmers are reaping bountiful harvests as a results of drip technology – and literally laughing all the way to the banks!

The innovative irrigation technique reduces input costs for farmers, many of whom are macro-sized family enterprises, raises efficiency, productivity and improves the bottom line – profitability.

Drip irrigation technology has also brought reoccurring export earnings not only for Israel but also countries like United States, China, Turkey, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Tunisia and Iran. According to Business Wire, an Ireland-based market research outfit, drip irrigation markets will reach $9.4 billion in 2027 – all thanks to Israel’s ingenuity in making the technology possible.

The Iranian case is an irony. Iran feeds its people and makes money off the backs of Israeli-pioneered drip technology, and still hell-bent on annihilating the Jewish nation. It won’t happen. Iran’s military aggression will achieve little or nothing. Although the IDF is what is visible, there is a powerful invisible being that has stood behind Israel throughout the ages – His name is Yahweh, God of Israel’s three Patriarchs. To put too fine a point on it, spiritually, is it any wonder that 99% of the Iranian drones and ballistic missiles fired on Israel did not get through its defense system? Yes, allies’ support was important but the grace of God of Israel was greater.

Just as I thought I had seen enough of absurdity, France began championing a draft resolution calling for the declaration and recognition of a Palestinian state. Australia, too, was in; its foreign minister declared that her country might unilaterally ‘recognise’ a Palestinian state.

The well-worn “two-state solution” was also resurrected with the US and UK acting as arrowheads. These ill-timed efforts will achieve nothing without the involvement and engagement of Israel. Besides, it’s only been six months since what was effectively a second holocaust, and I do not see an Israeli government worth its salt getting involved in any negotiation when the fire started on October 7 2023 has not been put out for good.  If anything, terrorists will feel embolden and rewarded that terrorism pays and that the West will ultimately have your backs!

By now, I have had it to my eyeballs, and switched the channel. The news was equally depressing. All I saw was out of control mobs blocking traffics, chanting “Death to America, death to Israel” on the US soil. The West is in decline!

Suddenly, I woke up from my sleep. Whoa! I have been dreaming.

No, hate protesters lack self-reflection and won’t see anything good about Israel. No, Hamas-loving government of Turkey won’t relent. No, the western leadership will remain feeble, feckless and pathetic. No, Iranian military aggression will persist so will talk about a Palestinian state.

And yes, Israel will continue to innovate. Yes, the world will continue to benefit from this innovation. And yes, yours truly will continue to celebrate the miracle of Israel.

Are you passionate about Israel as I do and would like to join hands to celebrate the miracle that is Israel – the gift of God? One way to take the sting out of hates and aggression is to celebrate Israel.

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