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Donut Trends, Decor in 15, Miracle Mules and Espressos and Finally Full Chanukah Tips With Cindy’s Corners


This Chanukah, I see two trends when it comes to sufganiot, or donuts. It seems as if this dessert treat is overtaking the latke as most requested Chanukah food. Just like everything else in our lives, donut Chanukah trends for 2018 go to extremes.

Let’s start with those donuts we buy. Customers are purchasing the largest, most decorated, multi-flavored and artistic creations that pieces of art visually and tastefully. When have we eaten unicorn, carrot cheesecake, red velvet and triple chocolate truffle donuts? Food competition shows can make a season just about donuts, donut holes and donut entrees. Have you ever tasted a hamburger or egg sandwich with a glazed donut as a bun?

Then, the other extreme. Here is what many of us are trying to bake at home. So many of my friends searched stores and the internet during Black Friday through the Cyber Monday weekend purchasing donut makers.

Here’s the catch. They are using recipes to make smaller-sized “healthy” donuts. Here is a recipe for gluten free donuts featuring Teff flour. Shoshie Steinhart from @KosherMoms worked together with Pereg Natural Foods and it’s the recipe I am using this week.

Talk about extremes— except for one. All varieties are delicious and will be enjoyed internationally way past the eight days we are traditionally supposed to eat them.

Credit: Koshermoms and Pereg Natural Foods

Decor in Minutes

This year, my Chanukah is different. I am not hosting a big gathering. I am not using all the Chanukah-themed ceramics I have been collecting for years and I am not cooking or baking.

Yet, my home will still feel like Chanukah. I am still celebrating.

Whether hosting just you or your entire neighborhood, make some simple purchases and decorate your home to make it and you feel like it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Even buy yourself presents, have them wrapped and open one each night.

Many are updating their holiday decor as well — using lots of lucite, crystals and metallics. I showed you some serving pieces in my previous column.

I decided to color coordinate my Chanukah with my black and white kitchen. I just used hints of blue and some Chanukah linens. I am mixing in hints of blues, using serveware and linens from my collection.

My centerpiece is a first— a bush of rosemary covered with Chanukah decorations. I am cutting off twigs as needed and my kitchen smells great!

The decor goes well with updated Chanukah menus. I am buying latkes and donuts for last minute guests, even just for me. I great miracle happens in my house everyday! My favorite finds were cauliflower rice pancakes and low carb donuts. If you are going for a meat meal, stuffed brisket latkes and donuts are a must.

Miracle Mules and Espressos

Every gathering needs a signature cocktail. Chanukah gatherings are no different.

2 ounces apple whiskey ***
6 ounces beer (maybe a Chanukah mix)
juice of half a lime
Juice of half an orange
Apple slices (optional, for garnish)
mint sprig (optional, for garnish with apple slices)

*** I use Panther Distillery’s Spiked Apple. You can get it online here:

Shake a mix well. Make virgin cocktails by using no liquor and using ginger ale soda.


Make your espressos and cappuccinos topped with designs of dreidels with blue crystal sugars or a chocolate piece of gelt.

Finally Full Chanukah Tips

Yes, you can enjoy your favorite donut and latkes. However, some tips to help you feel festive, satisfied and not deprived.

Before gobbling up the first thing you see, check out all the available choices and flavors. Pick ONE, the one you LOVE the most, and enjoy.

Drop the guilt. This is a holiday. You can make it up tomorrow. And don’t overdo it for 8 days straight.

Watch your portions. We only needed A LITTLE bit of oil for the Chanukah miracle.

Eat a snack before heading out—fruit and yogurt, veggie soup, a handful of nuts. Something so you aren’t famished when you arrive to a party.

coming soon: Finally Full, Finally Slim: 30 Days to Permanent Weight Loss One Portion at a Time 

I shared three Chanukah columns devoted to everything Food, decor, gifts and more.

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