Jewish Vendors Offer Gifts For Any Holiday, Age and Cost With Cindy’s Corners

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You still have time to purchase the perfect gift for a family member, neighbor, party guest or business acquaintance and have it delivered before the Chanukah candle lighting ends, a Christmas grab bag, New Years Eve party or present for any occasion.

I chose a few Jewish vendors who cater to all, anytime of the year.

Let’s start with Judaica, Home Decor Accessesories for The Entire Family

Breezy’s Gifts

Creative, imaginative and extraordinary, Breezy’s offers your one-of-a-kind personalized shopping experience. A reinvention of Ketzy’s, Brielle “Breezy” Schwartz opened Breezy’s to share a love of gift giving, decorating, baking and entertaining with the world.

Have you ever seen someone’s face when you give them something unexpected? I opened Breezy’s to be a part of that! And with our expanded store, I can turn anyone into the perfect gift giver!

We recently discussed this season’s trends:

Your store carries gifts for everyone and online.  Is there time to order gifts and get in time for Christmas and Chanukah? Of course! There is still tons of time to even personalize items as well.

What is popular among kids and teenagers? Note card holders for their desk, jewelry boxes and travel games.

Gifts for Men? So many fun sets of shot glasses, bar ware and decanter sets, desk accessories and cool cuff links.

What are the price ranges? We start as low as $10 and go all the way up to $500+

I like your store because you support many Jewish charities.  Any upcoming events you are involved in? There are a few that have not announced dates, so I can’t say but we are working with MLW Design and Events360 on the Lion of Zion yarmulkas and bumper stickers

What is the top gift trend for 2018 Holiday Season? Lucite in glitter and fun color, anything with butterflies on it and anything that looks like marble.


Outstanding French and Spanish Vintages Shine in a New Generation of Bordeaux, Sparkling Wines, and Albariños

If white wines from Bordeaux were something of a novelty a generation ago, kosher whites from Bordeaux have been almost unheard of – until now.

Consumers of fine white wines will have much to celebrate in the coming months when Royal Wine releases an impressive lineup of debuts showcasing the extraordinary recent vintages from the Bordeaux region and beyond.

The sophisticated array includes whites from France and Spain as well as a rosé Champagne from the esteemed House of Rothschild and an elegant red Margaux from one of Bordeaux’s most prestigious wineries.

“We have identified a significant increase in the American wine lover’s interest and appreciation for white wines over the past couple of years,” explains Gabriel Geller, wine blogger and PR Director for Royal Wine. “Rather than simply importing and producing more Chardonnay or Riesling wines, we have instead decided to expand our portfolio of varieties and styles of white wine.”

Geller describes these 2019 releases as “an abundance of exciting riches that just happen to be kosher.”

G de Château Guiraud 2017
Château Guiraud is one of Sauternes’s most prestigious properties, and G de Château Guiraud 2017 is the first kosher run of their dry white wine. “This masterfully-crafted blend of Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc offers a solid structure of vibrant fruit and crisp acidity as well as remarkable complexity,” Geller says.

Château Lacaussade Saint-Martin 2017
Geller believes Blaye wines should be taken much more seriously because while relatively inexpensive, they often offer tremendous value. He calls this white Bordeaux from the Côtes de Blaye appellation “the perfect introduction to the lesser-known world of white Bordeaux wines. Its mineral-driven character offers a restrained fruit profile and lip-smacking acidity.


Domaine Jean-Pierre Bailly Pouilly Fumé 2017
“There’s a lot more to white wine than Bordeaux,” says Geller. “Sancerre has been booming recently, and other regions within the Loire Valley are producing some stunning expressions of Sauvignon Blanc.” One such region is Pouilly Fumé. This new Royal import, he says, “is quite delightful with its citrus notes and flinty aromas.”

Champagne des Barons de Rothschild Rosé Brut
Following the successful release of the first kosher Champagne des Barons Rothschild in 2015, Royal is excited to introduce a Rosé version. A blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the landmark Rosé Brut features elegant, sharp bubbles and aromas of strawberries, red currants and cherries, as well as mild yeasty undertones.

Albariños: Ramon Cardova and Herzog Special Reserve
With its refreshing mouth-feel and bright aromas of lemon zest, Mediterranean herbs, and earthy minerals, Albariño has grown very popular in the U.S market in recent years. A pair of kosher Albariño wines will be making a splash in 2019. Herzog Wine Cellars has come out with the Herzog Special Reserve Albariño, made from grapes grown in California’s Edna Valley. And Ramon Cardova Albariño, the first-ever kosher Albariño from Spain, goes back to the original source with grapes from the variety’s homeland, the Rias Baixas region, on the western coast of Spain on the Portugal border.

The Bartenura Series: Sparkling Moscato, Sparkling Moscato Rosé, Demi-Sec, and Prosecco
Royal has also released a fresh, all-new look to its famous brands of Bartenura Sparkling Wines. The line is now complete with a Sparkling Moscato, a Sparkling Moscato Rosé, a Demi-Sec, and a Prosecco. This quartet’s festive packaging evokes the luxurious quality of wine inside the bottle.

Château du Tertre 2016
Not to be outdone, the reds are represented beautifully in this batch of new releases for 2019. Royal Wine will proudly introduce yet another first: a kosher cuvee from one of Bordeaux’s most exalted estates. This important Fifth Cru Margaux – a sublime red blend – is a hallmark of the exceptional 2016 family of high-end kosher Bordeaux wines.

Available in stores worldwide or online.


Chanukah is a time we eat cheese:

Honestly, I never loved kosher cheeses until I met The Cheese Guy.

While most specialty and many commercial brands are made with animal rennet and other animal enzymes, you can count on The Cheese Guy to use only plant-based or microbial non-animal enzymes.  He spent the past two decades perfecting my recipes and seeking out the highest quality ingredients.

The result?  Mouthwatering artisanal cheeses that will satisfy any cheese lover regardless of dietary needs – from strictly kosher to unabashed omnivore.

Take the time to explore the site and you’ll discover a cheese for every occasion,  Need something spreadable?  Serve up my unique, hint-of-lemon goat cheese.  Got an adventurous spirit?  Try my spicy jalapeño pepper jack, one of my pungent blue cheeses or my hoppy craft beer cheddar.  For kid-friendly options, you can’t go wrong with smooth, mild cheddar or Monterey Jack, while the health-minded will appreciate my selection of organic varieties and even Italian specialty cheeses such as sheep’s milk Pecorino Romano.

The Cheese Guy also offers homemade pastas, crackers and jellies. I baked the cheese and spinach ravioli which makes a great addition to any personal cheese platter.

More Holiday Stories Coming Soon. Stay Tuned.

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