I have a bad sensation these days. I’m feeling somewhat like I did in the days when Israel rolled out the red carpet for our arch enemy Yasir Arafat in 1993 or when Israel expelled thousands of Jewish families from their homes and handed the land to our worst enemies in 2005.
I had hoped that those days would never return.
Alas, post trauma is casting its grip over me.
Under the current gov’t (comprised of the Far Left – post Zionists, Muslim Brotherhood and Bibi hater opportunists) together with the “progressive’ elites, safety for Jews in the Jewish homeland is increasingly insecure. They are assaulted daily and killed because they are Jews.
The Jewish (Israeli) press, the courts and political class are not shocked. Dog bites man is not news. Man, bites dog is news, especially when the man is detested.
When a Jew, under daily attack by Arabs for years and generations, reacts with violence in any form (even spray painting) this is the story that stops the press.
When a Jew whose neighbors and loved ones are killed by Arabs reacts to this continuing nightmare that is not stopped by his country, acts, the “voices of morality and rule of law ” react.
Howls of outrage?
How dare a man bite a dog?
In 1938 when Herschel Grynspan assassinated Nazi diplomat Ernst Vom Rath the world was shocked.
Violent Jews!
Then too, man bites dog. How uncivilized!
A beautiful young man was murdered by Arabs as he returned home to his wife and baby from a day of study in yeshiva at Homesh.
Homesh was a flourishing Jewish town until 2005 when the “forces of justice and morality” destroyed it together with thirty other Jewish towns and then gave them to terrorists.
Amongst the rubble of that once flourishing town, a yeshiva was established by  a handful of Jewish men to maintain the Jewish connection to this part of Eretz Yisroel (that is state owned) .
There was no reason to destroy it in 2005 and there is no reason not to learn torah there today.
The murder of Yehudah Dimentman at Homesh should have resulted in the razing of the village that spawned and harbored the murderers or should it be Israel razing the yeshiva where Yehudah and his friends studied Torah and died?
The forces of morality and peace chose the latter of course.
When PM Bennet paid his respects to Ettya Dimentman, the young widow begged him to please allow the yeshiva to function at least in memory of her husband. She asked that Jews be allowed to return and rebuild the community in Homesh as an answer to Arab murder whose sole aim is to expel Jews from our land.
Bennet is a prisoner of political partners that crowned him puppet king of the government. He sold his soul. It’s too late. He cannot do a thing that the radical post Zionist Left and the Muslim Brotherhood objects to.
There are however many other Jews in our beloved land.
Tomorrow I plan to join a march to Homesh in solidarity with all that is good in the Jewish state today.
(Call 053 831 8646)
It’s not over yet. The final redemption is not yet here.
Pray that this is the last hurdle.
Pray that this is the last “sacrifice for peace”
Pray that the Jews wake up.
I wrote, “Jews, Israelis  and Arabs” to help understand the fateful moment of the Jewish state today.
About the Author
I made Aliyah after receiving an MA in International Relations. I have been writing articles about Israel since my arrival. I am a licensed tour guide since 1980. I served in the IDF. I am the author of ,"Jews, Israelis and Arabs" available on Amazon.
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