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Choosing Life: The Torah’s Path to Strength and Unity in the Face of Tragedy

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The tragedy of the murder of Lucy Dee and her two daughters, Maia and Rina, has struck the Jewish community with immense grief. Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of these precious lives, taken from us in an act of senseless violence. In the face of such pain and anguish, we must remember that our faith and our adherence to the Torah is the foundation of our survival as a nation, and the path to true connection with Hashem.

As Jews, we are a people bound together by the covenant of our forefathers, and the Torah is the guidepost that directs our journey as a nation. The words of the Torah provide us with the spiritual nourishment we need to thrive in the face of adversity, and the commandments of the Torah enable us to establish a righteous society. In Devarim (Deuteronomy) 30:19, we read: “I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse; therefore choose life, that you may live, you and your descendants.”

The Gemara teaches us that in times of hardship, the fulfillment of the Torah is a means by which we may be repaid with greatness from Hashem (Berachos 5a). Our commitment to the Torah is an essential component of our identity, and a sign of our dedication to our Creator. Just as our ancestors remained committed to the Torah even in times of great difficulty, we too must continue to follow in their footsteps.

In the words of the Zohar, “the Torah is the light of life of the Jewish people”. It is the source of our spiritual nourishment, guiding us through the darkness of the world and illuminating the path towards a brighter future. It is our unwavering commitment to the Torah that gives us the strength to endure the challenges that we face and to connect with Hashem.

The Torah also reminds us of the importance of unity, kindness, and compassion toward one another. In Vayikra (Leviticus) 19:18, we are taught to “Love your neighbor as yourself”. This commandment emphasizes the importance of mutual responsibility, respect, and caring for one another, which is essential to the survival of our people.

The memory of Lucy Dee and her daughters, Maia and Rina, will forever be cherished by the Jewish people. We honor their legacy by remaining steadfast in our commitment to the Torah and our devotion to Hashem. We must continue to uphold our values and traditions, for it is only through our faith that we can find the strength to overcome the challenges that we face.

In these difficult times, we must follow the words of the Torah and “choose life”. By remaining committed to the Torah and serving Hashem, we ensure our spiritual survival and physical survival as a nation.

May we continue to honor the memory of Lucy Dee and her daughters through our steadfast commitment to the Torah and the values it represents.

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