Chutzpah or Treason?

The classic definition of chutzpah is someone who murders both his parents and pleads for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.  However Peace Now and the extreme Jewish left’s support of the EU’s discriminatory policies at a time when their “partners in peace” are killing and maiming Jews on an hourly basis, deserves an adjective stronger than chutzpah.

As a soldier in the Yom Kippur war I saw the tortured bodies of our soldiers who had been taken prisoner on the Golan Heights by Assad’s daddy. Barrel bombing and the use of bacterial agents on his own people is as merciful as Assad Jr. can be, so let’s give him the Golan Heights for peace. “Land for Peace” is a formula that worked so well in Gaza, that it’s bound to show immediate results in northern Israel too.

The performance of extreme left members of the Knesset, resembles that of a shtetl rabbi, whose advice on any subject was always sought.  One day a farmer, whose chickens were dying approached the rabbi for advice. “Rabbi, rabbi, give me advice, the chickens are dying” he exclaimed. The rabbi advises him to feed the chickens corn. A day later he returns sobbing, “rabbi, rabbi, give me advice, another hundred chickens have died.” The learned rabbi advises him to feed the chickens barley. The next day, the farmer returns moaning, “rabbi, rabbi, do you have any advice, another hundred chickens have died?”  The rabbi answers, “advice I have, do you still have any chickens?”

Yes, demands, we and our “partners in peace” have a plenty.

Unfortunately there is a historical precedent for this type of behavior in the history of Jewish settlement in Palestine.  This was shown when the extreme Jewish left wing ideology trumped that of the lives of Jews in their own homeland.  In 1929 and 1930 in two successive massacres, the Jewish population of Hebron was decimated by their Arab neighbors. The position taken by the Communist Party and their worldwide Jewish stooges, was that the pogrom was justified because the Jewish residents were “agents of British imperialism.”

Dollars will get you donuts that none of the brutally murdered men, women and children ever realized that they were employees of the British Foreign Office.

The pretext for violence used by the Arab murderers then was that the Jews were trying to seize their holy sites in Jerusalem. The very same excuse they are using now; except then they used knives and swords.  Now they are using knives, guns and vehicles. It’s the same bunch, with the same excuses, committing the same atrocities, for the same reasons, being condoned by the same brand of ideological Jewish ethnic and religious dropouts.

In the United States, such behavior would not be described as chutzpah, but aiding and abetting the enemy, thus treason.

About the Author
Daniel Levinson is a U.S. Navy veteran, veteran of the Yom Kippur War, combatant in the terrorist raid of Nahariya, and the father of two reserve officers in the Israeli Army.
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