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My Exclusive Sitdown Interview With William Gooch

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What happens when a couple of fashion obsessed editors, a noted actress, and a celebrity style expert get together for a little quarantine phone chatting? The answer is simple: They launch a TV show, of course!

The show, titled “Fashion Reverie Talks” debuted on August 24 , 2020 on, the iconic website that receives a monthly viewership that would make many glossy titles green with envy. The series will also be posted on the Fashion Reverie youtube channel for continued viewing.

I recently had a delightful conversation with the person who is the brainchild of the site, it’s Editor-in-Chief, William S. Gooch III. Gooch feels like the luckiest person in the world.

Whoever tells you that you cannot have a career change in your mid-forties and be successful at it is totally misleading you. Starting “Fashion Reverie Talks” was the best decision I ever made.  It wasn’t William’s original world of interest.  He began as a professional, classical dancer.

“Fashion Reverie Talks” is designed as a 30-minute, bi-weekly series, with each edition containing a wrap of the last two weeks’ most talked about fashion news, as well as segments in the wheelhouse of the show’s talented co-hosts, Cicily Daniels (actress), Tijana Ibrahimovic (celebrity style expert), and Carl Ayers (runway regular and managing editor,

C: Tell me why fashion and why now?
WG:I wanted the show to fill a much-needed void in the fashion media landscape today. So much televised content is overly cursory in nature. On, we approach stories in an investigative, in-depth manner that gives the reader more than just the obvious, we plan to replicate this exact formula in Fashion Reverie Talks,” says William Gooch, executive producer. When I was looking at TV talk shows, there was a vacuum in the airwaves for fashion talk.  The medium translates his website beautifully into a live show.

Watching “Fashion Reverie Talks” will be the equivalent of a 30-minute class in what’s happening in fashion over last two weeks. The talent of the hosting panel will add perspective to the inside story lines that are already the hallmark of the parent website. Doing this show will not only provide more content to Fashion Reverie’s devoted audience but serve to attract new fans to the site via a different media stream.

C: Your website and series features a wide range of tips of fashion.
WG: I am very proud of the fact that we feature fashion tips for people of all ages and sizes. We feature emerging designers and fashions from around the world.

C: Yes, I noticed that looking at as I visited your website. It was amazing that you made September Fashion Weeks look like there was no coronavirus. We have to get you to Fashion Week in Israel.

WG: Yes, Israel, and the Tel Aviv Fashion scene is one area I follow and want to explore more after the virus.

C: As a black man, you must be excited about how many fashion houses are featuring black designers.
WG: It is one of the most exciting aspects of developing the show. I have been friends with designers like Frederick Anderson for decades.

C:Why the name “Fashion Reverie” & what is he trying accomplish with this venture.
WG:He started Fashion Reverie as an answer to the modern style of fast fashion reporting.  He chose have his site & style be one of an in-depth, more nuanced & introspection point of view.  Hence the name “Fashion Reverie”, as fashion can take you to a place of deep thought & celebration… thus the “REVERIE.”

Fashion Reverie was founded in 2012 by noted style expert William S. Gooch. Since its inception, Fashion Reverie has prided itself on providing content that seeks to “take the reader from the front lines to the front row” of fashion. Gooch set about to provide an insider perspective on the fashion industry through daily content centered around everything that is happening in the fashion industry. From in-depth feature stories and stunningly shot, original editorials, to news and reviews from the runway, Fashion Reverie presents the full story behind today’s most relevant brands, trends, and events.

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