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Cindy’s Corners: Bravo TV-Shabbat Dinner Wasn’t Served Kosher Or Nice

It was not a long time ago that I scheduled my nights around viewing original episodes of several of the real housewives shows on Bravo TV.

Those who follow me on social media know that through the years I attended many events with the stars, taped as an extra on at least one of the shows and became friends with several former and current wives.

Few know that I recommended housewives to casting staff connections and the women actually made it by holding the symbol of their state in the opening credits.

These days, I barely get excited to watch a show. If I do, it’s usually on demand.

As a Jewish Activist and a proud Republican that voted for President Donald Trump twice, I find your shows offensive on many levels.

Through the years, I didn’t love the episodes on New York when Jules Wainstein had to explain not eating the shrimp, Carole’s 2016 election talk and the constant storylines involving inter-religious relationships that mocked Jews.

I didn’t understand the need to hurt Siggy Flicker’s feelings as it is public knowledge that she is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor.

Like many, I understand that this is scripted entertainment and some stereotypes are not new to Bravo or it’s followers.

We stayed and stayed…until now.

Jewish Lives Matter

Before an episode airs, we have a preview of what to expect.

The commercial supporting Black Lives Matter is offensive. All Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic organization. Perhaps Bravo executives can reimburse the Jewish business owners and religious institutions that were the victims of BLM riot destruction that attacked Jews.

How can Bravo executives explain the Jewish hate crimes in broad daylight that overwhelmingly are Black on Jewish violence in Jewish neighborhoods?

It’s no secret that the shows featuring Black and Asian storylines are in chaos. Funny, Black Lives Matter supporters don’t like Asians, based on how news reports feature Black on Asian hate crimes and their part in ending talented and gifted merit based public school programs.

I am offended when I am called a white supremist. I have done more for Black and minority families then Bravo has done in two seasons of “educating us” while getting drunk and shopping. Don’t believe me, read my biography.

Shabbat Dinner

Shabbat dinner is a highlight and respected time. In the Jewish religion, Shabbos is considered more important than Passover, Chanukah or Yom Kippur.

I watched the latest episode and said, “I can no longer remain silent.” I have experienced Shabbat dinners from all religious affiliations and around the world. I never witnessed such a mockery of Jewish law and tradition.

I stupidly thought “Black Shabbat” meant Black Jews, like Ethiopian Jews, in New York, sharing the beginning of our day of rest. I know personally many of the most influential Jewish leaders and never heard of the girl you invited to host the dinner.

You never explained that this was NOT a religious dinner. As a religious woman by choice, I can tell you as a show that tries to build up women, no one there was able to say the Aishes Chayil (Women of Valor) psalms honoring housewives.

We don’t have non-Jews recite the important prayers and have them said incorrectly. Everyone knows Challah, as it is featured on every cooking show in non-Jewish recipes like French Toast, bread puddings and even Thanksgiving stuffings.

Every part of the dinner was mocked.

Worse, Shabbat dinners are filled with engaging conversations that welcome all. We don’t get drunk on tequila, offend our guests, use electronic devices, make up the order of the lighting candles, make the prayers on wine, wash our hands and then the bread.

A traditional dinner would feature kosher food.

Most importantly, invited guests are not called “white supremacy supporters” if they don’t support Black Lives Matter.

Seventy-five million voters support All Lives Matter, including the young Black victims of random shootings in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. These viewers also support refunding police, because they can’t afford the private security housewives can, along with $95,000 handbags. And, they support the rights Arab women have in Israel like driving, dressing as they choose, shopping or owning a business safely.

Bravo TV, you have a Jewish issue. How much longer do you think viewers will make you matter?

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