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Civilian casualties

The world is very upset with the Gazan civilian casualties. Gazan officials report that there are close to 30,000 total Gazan casualties (including both the military and civilians).

Israel has tried to minimize civilian casualties. Hamas uses civilians as shields. So Israel is operating in accordance with International rules of war, while Hamas has committed war crimes.

If Hamas had its way, not just Israel, but the entire world would be in peril. Hamas, allied with Iran (which is close to acquiring nuclear weapons) and with radicals in Syria and Iraq, have the potential to kill many.

The Nazis reportedly caused over 50 million deaths (including 38 million civilian deaths) in World War II. In our century ISIS swarmed quickly over much land and reportedly caused over half a million deaths. Imagine what Hamas, allied with a nuclear Iran, can do.

By destroying Hamas, Israel is saving the world from unimaginable horror. Yes a certain number of civilians are being killed — that’s an unavoidable part of warfare. But imagine the toll if Hamas survived to fight another day. And imagine the toll if Gaza and the West Bank were given to the Palestinians, and radicals like Hamas took it over (as Hamas did in Gaza). Vicious barbaric radicals with their own state, and possibly with nuclear capability — can you imagine anything more frightening than that? Can you imagine the potential casualty toll against Western countries?

The world should be thanking Israel for eradicating evil, instead of cheering Hamas brutality, and instead of demanding that Israel empower Hamas (by stopping the war, and by giving away land which can be used as a launching pad to inflict horrors far beyond what we can imagine).

Yes Gazan civilians are dying. But imagine the alternative.

Israel is now united and determined to finish off Hamas, no matter what the world says. With the Almighty’s help, Israel will succeed. And hopefully very soon, the world will experience peace and prosperity, with the imminent arrival of Moshiach.

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