Steve Wenick

Civilian Collateral Damage

Only a trifecta of the misinformed, ignorant, and anti-Semites could have the audacity to accuse Israel of committing genocide, when in fact no other country makes more of an effort to minimize civilian casualties to the degree Israel does.

According to retired and active-duty generals of the United States and other countries, Israel’s IDF is the most moral military in the world, Therefore, the hypocrisy of those who harangue and berate Israel for not doing enough to protect the lives of civilians is both hypocritical and shameful. Before leaders of countries mount their high horses of moral superiority, it would be worth their while to learn their county’s history of causing civilian deaths during wartime.

In just two days the United States’ bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, most of whom were civilians. In addition to the staggering death toll, radiation fallout caused countless injuries and damaged ensuing generations of Japanese.

The post-9/11 wars, within which the United States engaged, displaced at least thirty-eight million civilians from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia,  Libya,  Syria, and the Philippines. And there were more than 432,000 fatalities in fighting since 2001.

So before countries hypocritically disparage Israel’s Herculean efforts to protect civilians by urging them to leave the war zones as “not being good enough”, I suggest they take a long hard look into the mirror of their own country’s history of triggering civilian collateral damage.

About the Author
Since retiring from IBM Steve Wenick has served as a freelance book reviewer for HarperCollins Publishing and Simon & Schuster. His reviews and articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Algemeiner, Jerusalem Online, Philadelphia Inquirer, Attitudes Magazine, and The Jewish Voice of Southern New Jersey. Steve and his wife are residents of Voorhees, New Jersey.
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