Classical Liberalism, the Quran, and the “Special Relationship”

Dialogue between the American Left and Right has died. Classical Liberal used to mean economically conservative and socially progressive. Now Liberal means “give me my pronoun or you are a racist misogynist bigot that would have voted for Hitler” and nobody identifies as a Classical Liberal anymore. The ideology America was founded on has basically been destroyed, because the left right dichotomy cut Classical Liberalism in half and gave half to the left, half to the right, and instituted a race to the opposite of Classical Liberalism through the divide and conquer operations of the corporate Media and Lobbyists, both of which epitomize the opposite of Classical Liberalism, many of whose tenets were gleaned from the Tanakh and Quran.

Memes fight meme wars and those meme wars cause real wars, and real people die as a result. In the meme war for Islam’s memes, you can stand with the pluralists or the haters, which include both Trump and Clinton. The pluralists lost this election in the primaries, when two divisive hateful politicians were chosen.

Now the more hateful among the American left and the right are beating each other up and rioting, while the “sane” amongst them deny their side’s hatred has ratcheted up a notch. Whether you like it or not, there is a confrontation coming between the forces of unity through pluralism and subjugation through division. Neither Trump nor Clinton was the answer. As Trump appoints Lobbyists and Insiders to his inner circle, it should be clear that the cognitive dissonance on both sides has reached a tipping point.

The ideals of Classical Liberalism are in fact the ideals of the Quran which is a gentile commentary on the Tanakh. The disinformation campaign carried on through the American media in this election, and the disinformation campaign carried out against Israel on the world stage, should both be instructive as example regarding the disinformation campaign carried out for 1,400 years as a result of the Sunni/Shia conflict, a power struggle whose main confrontational method was to lie about the Quran, the source of each side’s power.

There will be no escape from the final confrontation between these forces. The things on earth are the shadows of the things in the heavens. In the meme war that leads to the real war, truth is the best preventative measure, and truth leads to unity between Isaac and Ishmael. Are Israelis as dumb and manipulable as the Americans? I don’t think so. I think the conflict has hardened us into soldiers. It has also made us arrogant in our beliefs and jaded against truth.

Understand this truth. The prophet Mohamed was the first of the Classical Liberals. He was a revolutionary whose ideals were so far ahead of their time, he was murdered for them, and his words were twisted for 1400 years. We will fight the war in the heavens (memetics) or we will die when the war reaches earth. What more evidence do you need that marriage is possible? Muslim IDF soldiers swear on the Quran to defend Israel. Truth can be taught.

Engage the Quran, pretty please. It was written by a Zionist. Israel has allowed Palestinian tyrants to teach Jerusalem children to murder Jews through lies about their holy book. Let us instead become priests and teach their children to love in the land the Quran has commanded the Jews to take, by telling the truth about their holy book.

The alternative is to act worse than the American left or American right. Vassal states who sheepishly follow divisive colonializing lies are even more misguided than actual citizens that follow divisive subjugating lies because citizens at least get a direct vote as to which politician gets to divide them against each other more. Vassal states have no such excuse as a direct vote in the empire’s governance. They vote for the politicians that are amenable to the left/right dichotomy of the parent in the “special relationship” and ignore the authentic and truthful answers found through honest examination of the indigenous and closely related cultures.

Israelis and Palestinians are at war because lies have covered the truth. Where is the Jew that is going to kill this giant lie, instead of run into the camp of the cowards or the camp of the polytheists, like the Americans did into the arms of Hillary and Trump?

About the Author
Joseph Aaron Stang was a Lawyer and Business consultant. After making Aliyah, he became involved in the Muslim Zionism Organization, and now teaches the true interpretation of the Quran.
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