‘Clickto,’ a platform for online learning

It is not an LMS platform and that’s why the students love it. It wasn’t intended to manage learning, but rather to allow interaction, curiosity and learning experiences,

Meet Clickto: The platform clickto evolved by chance, like many other ideas and innovations that have emerged during these strange times.  But maybe it wasn’t really by chance, maybe it was thanks to the coronavirus.

Several months ago, we were headed towards a summer filled with exciting activities, when COVID-19 began in Israel. During the very first days, we had a prophetic feeling that the virus will be here to stay. Our gut told us that we won’t be able to execute our activities as planned, and we looked forward into the future with a baffled look on our faces.

During the last 13 years we have been running international tech summer camps for children and teens aged 7-18 from Israel and from all around the world. (#BIGIDEA)  Our campers participate in BIGIDEA workshops, all which use some technological platform. They enjoy an Israeli summer experience with friends. From many outdoor activities to tons of elective learning experiences, our ecosystem is based on innovation, creativity, and lots of space for personal development.

Hundreds of children and teens were registered to attend camp at both of our locations in Israel during summer 2020. And of all this was bound to not happen because of a global virus.

We came to an understanding that the world is going to change and there is a need to invent the next big thing in relation to summer camps. In a record time of 3 weeks we adjusted our camp workshops and created an online solution. This provided children and teens that were interested in a summer camp experience a way to join from the comfort of their home.

The experiment was successful! During the Spring break in April more than 1,000 children (mostly children of Israeli hi-tech employees) tried out our new experience- 3 hours of daily workshops with an instructor and 5-6 other children just like them.

Children joined us from many places all over Israel (and then from the US), with large smiles and passion in their eyes to continue to another workshop and then another. We called it BIGIDEA @ Home.

While running this virtual summer camp, we realized that the technology which existed for online learning and workshops didn’t meet our expectations and wasn’t tailored to fit a busy schedule with many workshops.

Due to the extensive experience and knowledge we had gained from running summer camps for so many years, we knew exactly what the basic needs were for managing a summer camp in general, and for managing an international tech summer camp in particular. We began to dive deep into the characterization and development of the platform. 

It was clear to us that a winning platform- easy to manage, user friendly, easy to operate for the instructor/operator would be the perfect solution for this REMOTE age that we had entered.

We were onto something, something that wasn’t necessarily complicated or innovative, but thanks to the knowledge and experience we had accumulated over the years, we were able to write the characterization. 

That’s when we decided to continue with the development of this product that we hoped would give other summer camp organizers a chance to reach more and more children all over the world. Then also came the realization and understanding that any group or organization that deals with formal or informal education will be able to use the platform. We realized that from this moment on the world will change and there’s no turning back- EDTECH will be part of us from now on. And…Clickto was born.

So what is Clickto? A platform for experiential learning. It is user friendly and enables multi-participant online meetings.

The platform allows any organization to manage small or large classes with a teacher or an instructor. You can present visual content during the learning, write personal notes to the participants, upload pictures and more.

The unique thing about Clickto is its simplicity. Participants can easily join a class or a meeting using one link for an entire time period/semester/year or any other phase that is defined in the system’s settings.

Every participant will be invited using only one link that will allow them to join the schedule that was defined by the managing organization. The organization could pretty much be of any type- a school, university, youth movement, nursing home (or even a jail).

The link will always take the participants to the right place. Even if the line got disconnected, even if they didn’t arrive during a specific day, even if they are meant to change 20 classes a day. The link will always take them to the right place- the one defined by the organization.

The platform not only allows live learning, but also enables the upload of hours of recorded classes in any subject. Any organization, company or educational institution that will begin to work with the platform will be able to adjust the visual appearance and the branding to fit its own. (private label) Our technical support team at Click.to will guide every company/organization through its very first steps and will support them through the use of our very easy-to-use operating system.

The platform was developed by us, was written as a patent and is already active in dozens of organizations that are highly satisfied with its easy and effective operation.

About the Author
Chairman of BIGIDEA *International tech summer camps in Israel. *Israeli tech summer camps in North America. Executive MBA in Business management . Board member Non-profit organization " Variety", "Nahar Hayrden youth village", "Bialik Rogozin Campus". Founder of "Lafayette " which brought many new brands to Israeli kids and teens (Loony Toons, Disney, TMNT, Spiderman and more) With a lot of experience in marketing and branding for teens. Established first commercial website for kids in Israel – "Cooltoys". Founder of "Camp Kimama", an Israeli summer camp in Israel.
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