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By the Grace of G-d


The sun provides sustenance, but sometimes its heat can cause destruction. These days, unusually hot temperatures are considered by many to be a major cause of the enormous spread of so many wildfires. Efforts are being made to try to lower rising temperatures.

Some say that better fire management, including controlled burns (to eliminate dry vegetation which can fuel fires) and other preventive measures, can help reduce escalation.

Ultimately everything in the world happens by Divine Providence, and we need His blessing to make our efforts succeed. G-d created everything, constantly keeps everything in existence, and conducts everything. If for one moment, He would G-d-forbid withdraw the life force that creates and sustains our world, then it would all disappear to nothingness, the way it was before creation.

Because, as the first Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Alter Rebbe, explains in Tanya, creating something out of nothing requires the Creator’s constant investment in the created, in order to keep it from reverting back to nothing. (In contrast to something that is created from something else (like a sculpture, or pottery making etc.) where the artist can walk away from it and it will still exist; because it is a process of transformation, not creation ex nihilo.)

Awareness of G-d has increased tremendously over the centuries, via the influence of monotheistic religions. But many people still have polytheistic beliefs. We look forward to the time when the entire world will recognize and accept G-d’s Dominion.

A time when G-d’s Name will be sanctified “upon Israel Your nation, and upon Jerusalem Your city, and on Zion Your glorious abode, and upon the kingship of the house of David Your anointed, and upon Your dwelling place and Your sanctuary.” (From the Amida prayer on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur)

When the light of the Menorah of the third and eternal Temple will shine out to the whole world, and all nations “will serve Him with one shoulder.” (Tzefaniah 3; 9)

And “you will no longer need the sun to provide daylight … for G-d will be an eternal light for you.” (Isaiah 60; 19)

May it happen very soon.

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