From playpen to mountain top

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It would appear that the merry-go-round of Palestinian-Israeli politics and intrigue is still very much in full swing and looks set to spin on for many more moons to come.

The ongoing conflict has obvious parallels with that of children in a playpen.

The playpen is not large enough for its charges and the squabbling that arises from so much overcrowding has constantly threatened and instigated all manner of problems for those inside it.

Thus far, no safe way to break out from this confinement can be found and no structure stable enough to maintain some lasting measure of harmony has been built within it. Strife and discord have become so ingrained and commonplace that any semblance of peace or coexistence is simply unable to gain the smallest foothold upon what is now a mountain of ever-growing mistrust and contention.

Then it may be necessary for everyone to go climb a very different sort of mountain, one where mistrust and contention can actually assist in overcoming so many obstacles to the progress and stability that are essentials in that final ascent towards settlement of issues long believed insurmountable and beyond reach.

From the top of certain mountains, the view can be so much better than from others.



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