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CNN gives the mike to Iran’s foreign minister, again

I’ve seen reporter Christiane Amanpour often. She always has the sharpest questions but when the interviewee talks, she seldom has any follow-up.

In this case, Iran’s FM gets the unhindered opportunity to broadcast his fairytales. Unopposed total fabrication for the American public. Terrible!

On top of this, we may assume that the average US viewer does not know that in Arab culture, image building has a much higher priority than reporting dry technical facts. It’s a Western viewpoint to call that lying. In Arab culture, it’s easily a defense of one’s image and dignity, not trickery.

However, this diplomat doesn’t do any of that. He’s just lying. Just as we got used to by Trump: several lies per every sentence.

The formerly respectable JPost sees hope in his words. (It’s a plant from Reuters.) What do calm words mean from someone who tries to kill you?

In a follow-up, the JPost/Reuters duo continues to underline the hoax.

Even its senior quality war correspondent interprets the diplomat talking from both sides of his mouth as “giving in.” It’s, surely, rather just smoke and mirrors while they continue building a nuclear arsenal. Why stop now?

But also a quality publication like the Times of Israel sees value in these ironic words spoken in total insincerity as if they could have any meaning.

And so does a headline from the generally superbly informed Algemeiner.

If you escaped a violent home, you know that you can’t appease ruthless abusers. You can only corner them when they have no escape route.

Biden therefore must help create an international coalition swiftly that puts the economic squeeze on the Iranian Junta before it is too late.


Here the same senior CNN reporter talks with the same FM, three years ago, and in the beginning, she does contradict him. But soon, she lets him talk for minutes on end. (You can tell he’s lying full speed when he changes his tone to “sweet fatherly,” like at 10:55.) He portrays his regime as the only serious fighter of ISIS. In fact, Iran is the world’s number one supporter of terrorism, but she lets him talk freely as the defender of civility.

He gets to speak freely, comes across as a decent man and not a terrorist leader, and so, they gladly use this interviewer.


Seven years ago, she interviewed the Iranian president himself. His smile! You can tell he’s not someone bent on genocide or cruelty. Just kiddin’.

Instead of the third degree, she conducts a therapist interview. Talk about what you feel and think. I’ll listen, I’m interested. (I’m a fool and so safe.)

He says, stone-faced: “The entire world must recognize that Iran does not and will never seek nuclear weapons.” She says: “Many people don’t believe that, sir, so what can you do to inspire confidence?” She should have said: “That’s a bold-faced lie because, for peaceful use of nuclear energy, you don’t need the degree of uranium enrichment you seek.” Not saying that is dishonest and collusion with the big Iranian lie. He says: “Why is Iran singled out for mistrust? What is Iran different from other countries?” She doesn’t answer! She doesn’t say: You threaten to wipe Israel off the map. You infiltrate a dozen regional countries with terrorists. I skipped the rest. She gives him the last word to say: “I bring peace and friendship from the Iranian People to the American People.” Too ridiculous for comment as words by a dictator who can’t even talk for the Iranians.

With the Al Jazeera option, Western media have no single good reason to cozy up to these antisemites/terrorists and to grant them respectability.


Instead of flooding the viewers with a whole stack of lies, they are much better served by some clear, truthful sentences on what is going on.


Trump would never bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities to stop them from reaching nuclear capability. He didn’t even give Israel the bomb he had to destroy the mountains that hold their offensive weaponry. But he would have let Israel do the dirty work.

Biden is not like that. He doesn’t have an antisemitic fiber in his body. Just like Andrew Yang. So, we may rest assured that the US under Biden will not let Israel go it alone. I’d advise him to wear a bullet-proof vest. The US tends to do away with Catholic presidents a bit early on.


Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole violent regime of Iran was neutralized and the Iranian People liberated from its oppressors and able to march to prosperity and freedom, dignity and health?

Iranians are no antisemites and have only a warm heart for Israel. Remember that.

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