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Comparing Ukranians and Jews


They can be defined by how much they fight among themselves, sanctify the very status as well as value of dissent, criticise their opponents to other groups and media outlets and seek to involve outsiders, to draw the externals to out own internals.

This came from J Street:

House Speaker John Boehner’s plan to invite Prime Minister Netanyahu to address to Congress two weeks before the Israeli election is such a terrible idea that even Fox News is condemning it.

Speak out now!

…For those of us who care about Israel and believe a strong US-Israel relationship is vital for Israel’s future, this is painful to watch.  But even though PM Netanyahu and Speaker Boehner, with Dermer’s help, set this in motion, it’s not too late to stop it.

Join us and thousands of other J Street supporters: ask Rep Rep. Jordan to do everything he can to delay this speech to a more appropriate time — after the Israeli election.  We should let Israelis choose their government free of our meddling. They should allow America’s elected president, with congressional oversight, to set our foreign policy without theirs.

That’s why we’re calling on Congress to just take a step back, and postpone Netanyahu’s speech.

Of course, there is interference via V15.

Thinking about this state of affairs I looked about and considered the situation in the Ukraine.  Have you read or heard about internal arguments between Ukrainians – whether within the homeland or within the communities abroad – about what to do?  To fight?  To yield? To lobby Congress or other institutions?  To leave the Ukrainian diaspora and enlist to fight?  Anything?

I searched for stories.  I found a resource.  If you Google “Ukrainian debate” you won’t find anything about the Ukrainian diaspora in the mainstream press.  But from the NYTimes on down (or up), I couldn’t locate the same type of stories we all read about what happens within the Jewish communities abroad when debating Israel.

What does that say about the Ukranians (of course, I am at a disadvantage as I cannot read the Ukranian-language media)?  What does that say about the reporting in the mainstream press about Ukraine?

And what does that say about we Jews?


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