Jeanette Amid


On reading the news this morning that the value of the shekel is going down, share prices are down, Israel’s democracy is being called into question… Doom and gloom.  Very sad headlines

However, and here is my take on the last weeks and especially the last few days….. what an amazing and wonderful country I live in.  Hundreds and thousands of people took to the streets, in the awful heat, week in and week out, they  took time out of their busy lives, to show the “powers that be” that they care, and care enormously about what is happening to their country.  I am so proud and touched to be Israeli.  Israel is showing its true face to the world, and we should all be proud that this is happening. I take solace in the amazing spirit of this country..

I do not know whether our politicians, see and realize what is happening.  I am sure they see, but does this move them in any way?  Do they maybe stop and think what a schism they have created in Israel.  Don’t they see that half of the country is against what they are trying to do? Do they not stop and think that maybe a true compromise could be worked out?  Are they deaf to the amazing citizens who are screaming STOP?

The key word in all this debate is compromise…. We must all sit down and realize that there is right on both sides of the political spectrum, and we have to respect each other, we must talk and listen to each other.  Compromise is the only way.

Yes, they the election results are democratic, yes, they have the majority in parliament, but please let them look outside their windows and internalize what is happening. Enormous crowds are showing them that half, if not more of this country truly care about their perceived lack of interest. They are against this legislation and are prepared to sacrifice their time, their energy and their health, and to show their patriotism to protect all that has been achieved in the past 75 years in this miracle that is Israel.  Compromise is the name of the game.

I have such pride in my country, and my fellow citizens, and during this awful time we still should all be proud.  Proud to call ourselves Israeli, proud to stand tall and demonstrate to the government and yes, to the rest of the world, exactly how 50% or more, of this country feels.

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Made aliya in 1960, worked in the English department of Kol Israel, dealt in tourism for 30 years, brought up a family. Generally a "normal" life here in this challenging country.
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