Janice Rotman
An olah from Toronto nine years in

Confused in Jerusalem — The Elections

I’m confused.

I’m an interested Israeli citizen.

I’m an olah.

I read the information provided to me by the press in order to help
me come to a rational decision as to who should govern in my chosen land.

I watched Eretz Nehederet for the same reason.

I voted in the spring.

I voted (again) in our last election, three months later.

I changed my vote the second time around.

But nothing has changed.

I’m confused….and so is every “talking head” around me.

Why did we have to go through two sets of elections that have together cost us precious taxpayers’ money?

Surely there are more important places that the money could have gone in this democracy. (Education, assistance to people with disabilities, subsidies for women’s shelters, HOSPITALS … come to mind.)

I’m confused.

We SEEM to be carrying on with the rule of law intact, going to work, to
the army, to volunteer, returning to our families- all without knowing who it is that is governing us.

Apparently we’re all supposed to carry on as if nothing is wrong with this picture.

Except that there is something very unsettling.

The emperor has no clothes and we have no government.

Doesn’t anyone else find this situation confusing?

About the Author
In the past a lawyer, a community consultant and a teacher, Janice also has a rich history of volunteering which has involved creating several NGOs, public speaking, fundraising and actively sitting on several boards and committees. Having made Aliyah from Canada at age 54, nine years ago as a fervent Zionist, Janice wonders a great deal about improving the world, not just for herself , her children and grandchildren but for everyone.
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