Contradictions, Corruption, and Lies

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Something is very wrong in our society, when things don’t make sense or follow common sense any longer, and it reminds me of the adage that the wise Judge Judy Sheindlin always says:

If it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true.

So, truth has a fairly simple barometer test:

  • Make sense = true
  • Nonsense = lie

With all the ridiculous “echo chamber” and “fake news” these days, you tell me whether these things make good sense or not:


  • We are experiencing overheating of the economy and inflation unprecedented in over 40 years, but the government keeps looking to stimulate the economy.
  • We can’t feed our newborn children, because there is a shortage of baby formula, but for U.S. adults, we’re the fattest country in the world.
  • There is an ongoing shortage of computer chips due to supply chain problems affecting everything from iPhones to computers and cars, but chip makers are forecasting weak demand.
  • We are beset by an unending series of thousands of flight cancellations and delays, even as progress in everything from automation to big data and artificial intelligence are improving transportation.
  • The U.S. has become “energy independent” and is a net-exporter, yet the average price of gasoline here has risen almost 50% over the last year to approximately $5 per gallon.
  • Our National Debt is a “ticking time bomb,” yet there is little or no appetite to curb spending with projections of the debt spiraling out of control toward 185% of Gross Domestic Product by 2050.
  • The U.S. has the highest rate of people in prison in the entire world, is last among 46 countries in terms of media trust, and two-thirds think the political system is broken, yet we like to think of ourselves as the shining democracy of the free world.


  • Ukraine is America’s War to the tune of tens of billions of dollars of military and humanitarian aid plus rounds and rounds of economic sanctions to try to stem Russia’s expansionist goals, but the U.S. continues to hesitate on what it means or will take to actually “win”.
  • The U.S. tries to negotiate or punish Axis of Evil countries like North Korea and Iran to give up their nukes, yet when Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees, we see where that got them.
  • Over a half century after being the first to land a man on the moon, the U.S. established Space Force as a separate branch of the military in 2019, yet NASA is still trying to figure out how to return us to the moon from 1969.

Unfortunately, this list of “nonsensicals” in our society could go on and on (and I won’t even get started with all the Covid mandates and chaos), and you have to ask yourself what type of country (and world) we are leaving to future generations: A world that is full contradictions, corruption, and lies!

In this week’s Torah portion, Korach, we learn how he lied to power, and tried to unseat Moses and Aaron from leading the Israelites. But Hashem showed Korach and his assembly the truth that G-d had indeed appointed Moses and Aaron. Moreover, the punishment for lying and rebellion for Korach and the mutineers was to be swallowed by the earth, while the assembly of two hundred and fifty with him were consumed by fire. Unfortunately, these days, we don’t have the immediate and demonstrative truth so openly revealed to us like the Israelites who had just been redeemed from Egypt and had received the Torah on Sinai from G-d Almighty.

Nevertheless, as Jews, our responsibility remains to truth, doing good, and following Hashem. However, before we can uphold truth in our society, we need to know where it can be found; before we try to do good, we must know that our actions are leading to good results and not just political wins or short-term profiteering; and as we attempt to serve Hashem, we must acknowledge that the world can be a very hostile and impure environment. In the end, we can’t live with the double-talk and lies that we are being fed or the political grandstanding and corruption that takes the place of real humanity and progress. This leaves us to find truth and faith in the good and love that is G-d and to act from His word and not the phony media or corrupt politicians that seek to lead us continuously astray.

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Andy Blumenthal is a dynamic, award-winning leader who writes frequently about Jewish life, culture, and security. All opinions are his own.
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