Cornel West could save the United States

As a progressive leftist, watching Joe Biden get credit for all the things he has not done makes my blood boil and feel anger mixed with sorrow for my American brothers and sisters. 

A recent example of this was the President repeatedly claiming he was the “most pro-union President” in US history. Looking at the long list of American Presidents, this does not seem like an impressive feat, but even Biden claiming he’s pro-union should if he was Pinocchio, enlarge his nose. 

Did anyone forget what happened last year, with the strike of railroad workers? He made it impossible for the laborers to strike, thus rejecting their attempts at negotiating fair working conditions. 

Is that what a pro-union President does? Is that what the most pro-union President in US history does? If it is, let us roll the curtains because the play called America is over.

No, Joe Biden is not pro-union. He is pro anything that makes him look good in front of his corporate benefactors. He is not doing the job he was elected to do. Someone else is needed.

Cornel West recently launched his presidential campaign for the 2024 elections, and the choice could not be any clearer. 

A suffocating nation like the United States whose people are struggling for air every day needs a compassionate person, a sane, caring person who would make it their goal to ensure, if not the prosperity, then at least the sustenance of a 330-million strong population. 

And not only that. 

The United States, with its unimaginably large military resources, needs a commander-in-chief who doesn’t think the country is supposed to be the Planet Earth PD, enforcing ever-changing ideologies even depending on region and loyalty. 

The country needs a commander-in-chief who regards the Palestinians, for example, as a legitimate people and one with such inalienable rights as self-determination. 

Someone, who will, without a doubt support the Palestinians’ efforts toward breaking free from the violent occupation that the racist Israeli government imposes on them. 

Someone who, meanwhile the same occupation continues and grows more vicious, does not travel to the country to proclaim himself a non-Jewish Zionist

A leader who cares about all people.

The American people deserve a leader who didn’t think segregating buses was a good idea, didn’t champion the 1994 Crime Bill, and did not oppose marriage equality even a mere 15 years ago

The American people deserve a socialist, a captain who, unlike all his predecessors, thinks that the government has a responsibility towards its citizens; not corporations, but citizens, and who, without wanting a compromise, would represent the interests of the weak, defenseless and disenfranchised. 

Those who do not have faith in anyone, but hope that Biden, if elected with the support of progressives will champion leftist legislation, need a severe reality check. The era of meaningful legislation in the Biden administration is over. It has been over for eight months. 

After the first midterms of his presidency, it was always going to be Obama all over again. Petty partisan fighting where nothing of substance gets passed let alone signed into law. If Biden is reelected, he will keep riding the high of his past accomplishments of which there aren’t that many. He will end his eight years still talking about that legendary Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill – just like Obama with the Affordable Care Act. 

Cornel West for President so a new generation could grow up with a new vision of the left; deserting the Third Way of politics and getting on a path towards tangible progress. 

About the Author
Fred is an 18-year-old writer sharing his many thoughts about American and Israeli politics. He was born in Budapest and since he was 11, he is also an Israeli citizen.
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