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Corona isn’t making us sick… It’s our government

Does our isolation really matter, when the government changes the rules every few minutes and the police write mask tickets with their own masks hanging off their ears?
Quarantine jail in Jerusalem. (courtesy)

I am on Day 5 of quarantine. We are four kids, a dog and no outdoor space in Jerusalem. I have a Google doc for everything: dog walks, trash, daily schedules, even when we go to the bathroom (just kidding…not because that’s weird, but because my kids would be anarchists).

When I wake up, I am anxious about how we will get through the day, despite said schedules. The anxiety turns to anger as we step on each others’ toes, literally and figuratively. We do stretches first thing in the morning and our positive affirmations (I know… hypocrite).

Anger becomes depression as I find out more bad news: either reading the actual news, or that our quarantine is extended another day because another kid got Corona (that is why we are in quarantine. My daughter’s daycare had a child with COVID-19, and since you can’t quarantine a 3-year-old in her own room alone — as much as you want to — we all must stay in). Or the latest fun fact, that the field school we had planned to stay at in August has turned into a quarantine hotel.

Depression leads to hanger, which of course is hunger plus anger. And my Jewish soul worries that there is not enough food, so I eat a handful of cereal and feed my kids their pitas at a rationed rate.

The day drags. I miss my morning walk with the dog and kids. I miss time to myself. I miss looking forward to something. I miss the separation of days. Everything is a blur. Every emotion feels like the beginning of a mental illness. And I think about the others like me. Stuck inside. Stuck together. Stuck.

The coronavirus isn’t making us sick. It’s our government. Reading the news, you think, this can’t be real. The ministers, the many, many, ministers, are fighting over people’s livelihood. Open the restaurants. Close them down. Fire her. Resign. Another election if I don’t get my way. Beaches are open. Pools are closed. No wait, that was 10 minutes ago. Now pools are open, beaches are closed, and waves are banned, since we are in the so-called “Second Wave.”

The protesters are spreading awareness and the virus. Are they right? At least they care. The rest of us just get angry, and wait for our bribe money from Bibi to keep us quiet, and hope the disease won’t kill us or the economy… even though we know it is doing both.

I am for new elections, but under the condition, that anyone that has already been in the government, or in the top 15 seats cannot run again. Bye, bye. Quarantine yourselves from the future of our country. Take your pay raise (yeah they did that like six months ago), your private cars, and security, and hang out in your overpriced homes (ones that push up the prices for us in the middle class who can dream but never own), and bugger off.

Bibi is a disgrace to politics… or maybe he is the new face of it. An election in November… how clever. The same time that his bromance lover Trump will stand trial to the American people. Intentional? Yeah, that guy makes House of Cards look like Go Fish.

פורסם על ידי ‏‎Molly Livingstone‎‏ ב- יום רביעי, 22 ביולי 2020

Corona Drive Thru Test Jerusalem

Why have experts? Tests? Heated debates? All paid for by our taxes, when the outcome is always the same. That’s what he said. No, that is actually whatever he says, never mind what the experts, tests or debates say otherwise. I may not be a politician, and neither are my kids, but I think we could do a better job than this. I think we could learn a lot from our kids, who ultimately inherit this mess. Maybe that’s the best homeschooling we can give them. Because they are done playing this game and so am I.

Is my quarantine making a difference, when the gym stays open, and the police give out mask fines, while their masks hang off their ears as they write tickets? I do believe in humanity and saving each other, and I want to protect those in danger, so I am locking myself inside, but I question if that is what fixes things. Because the numbers rise, the people don’t wear masks properly, the theories contradict each other, there’s too much info and not enough, restrictions are like weather reports: slight chance of change, put on that mask, it’s going to be a doozy or stay inside because you won’t want to be part of this sh*t storm.

Every day, we have the chance to right our ways. But we don’t. Instead, just like I am stuck in quarantine, the government leaders seem to be stuck in their egos. So I write this, as a cry for help. Holding us hostage to their power plays, it’s not the coronavirus that will get us in the long run, and maybe not even in the short, it’s our mental and emotional health.

Do they cut their salaries to help us with the economy?

Do they hear us when we demand support to pursue our dreams?

Do they think out of the box to reform the education system, instead of just linking to Zoom?

Do they even think about us, the ones who are stuck under their control?

Do they?

They say when one door closes another window opens…but what good is that window if the government is standing in front of it.

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