Michael Benjamin
Michael Benjamin

Corona-things unsaid. Paradox Of Vaccination

More and more people are becoming vaccinated, which is a good thing, of course.  But there are added factors that are being ignored. More and more people will be wandering around as silent spreaders. When we consider that every variation seems to have increased infectivity, we see 2 factors at play. Firstly, more people are spreading without knowing they are spreading and more people will be infected by the spreader because of the nature of the new disease. A large number of people are going to be carrying and suffering from the virus without really knowing.

But worse than that, we may come to a tipping point where we crash into the relatively unvaccinated populations, and there will be mayhem.  In other words, we can expect eventually that the severe cases that were threatening the hospitals will re-occur.  Mathematically it is impossible almost to predict when. But it seems inevitable that we cannot stop the new Corona variation. Subsequently, it will enter into the threatened population.

We have been all the way along bluffing ourselves that we are fighting Corona to save lives.  That is far from true we have been fighting Corona to prevent the health system from collapsing.

If it were to collapse, then there would be more deaths. It was interesting to note that every country had a serious defect when defending the weak. The population who were to die quietly without overloading the weak hospitals were in old-age homes.

But we have not considered two things because we do not know what they are. We do not know what the long-term effects of Corona are.  We know it affects the brain because the sense of smell we lose is a central nervous pathology and not a local one, as in influenza.  If the viruses in the brain, where else is it going, what else is it doing, and when will we see it?  We know that it affects metabolism and seems to synergize negatively with metabolic syndrome.  Corona makes the metabolic syndrome worse, and the metabolic syndrome makes Corona worse.  So we do not fully understand what we will see in the general population in five, ten and fifteen years.  Good, it has not done.

There is another disturbing factor which is relevant to countries with highly vaccinated population.  Using the antibiotics and bacteria model, we know that when the bacteria is exposed to the antibiotic, it eventually finds a way to beat the antibiotic.  We have a situation in Israel and places like this. We have a large population who are vaccinated, were never exposed to the virus. They are about to be exposed.  We are reassuring ourselves that we will cope because of the vaccination, and in that respect, we are right.  Nevertheless, we are setting up the ideal situation for breeding resistance to the vaccination virus.

What does this mean?

The Corona is far from over and is far from beaten.  Every other major epidemic took four years to pass. Corona looks the same.  The only thing we do see is that Corona can adapt and produce more and more vitriolic versions of itself.  We know that by exposing ourselves to infection, we are increasing both the likelihood of a breakthrough in the unvaccinated areas and, far more critical, developing a resistant virus.

I suggest that we accept these facts and stop congratulating ourselves periodically that we beat the virus.  We have not.  And if we carry on as we are doing we never will.  We do not have to go to full-blown shutdowns, but we have to maintain social distancing and masking.  Blatantly obvious points of admixture of people should be avoided namely large gatherings, weddings, and definitely closing down airports.  We need to realize that Corona and mankind will only reach a steady state in a year and eighteen months at least.  Not enough of the undeveloped world has been vaccinated. Not enough of the vaccinated population can guarantee that subgroups of non-vaccinated will challenge the health system within its people.
We can of course do the obvious which is to forcibly vaccinate the whole world.

In my opinion, this is probably the least bad solution.

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Born in Leeds in 1944, Michael Benjamin is a retired Psychiatrist and medical auditor, co-founder of Oranit, aspiring author and inveterate cynic.
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