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Coronavirus and the Virus of Hatred Against Jews

It was just a matter of time until the coronavirus virus would be linked to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. It is well known that when things go wrong, Jews are to blame, and this global threat is no exception.

Once again, the Jewish people are accused of deliberately causing the epidemic for self-gain as with other plagues throughout history, prompting online haters to call for their extermination.  “Finally! Science has discovered a cure for the most insidious disease of our time…Jewishness,” reads a recent post on social media.Blood Libels Spread As a Virus

Hundreds of years ago, another epidemic broke out in China. In the middle of the 14th century, the bubonic plague, known as the “Black Death,” emerged in Asia. From Mongolia, it spread to China, and from there to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. In five years, the devastating epidemic killed almost 50 million people worldwide, wiping out over half of Europe’s residents.

Back then, the global catastrophe was attributed to the poisoning of wells by Jews who allegedly aimed at establishing a worldwide Jewish government. Medieval European Christians demonized the Jews and eventually massacred them. As a result, more than 200 Jewish communities in European cities were victims of pogroms and destruction between 1348 and 1351.

The “proof” that the Jews were to blame was the massive numbers of casualties among the general population compared to the handful of infected Jews. However, the reason for the low mortality rate among Jews is explained by the good hygiene habits among Jews proscribed as part of Jewish tradition—habits such as washing hands before meals, immersion in the mikveh (ritual bath) before and after personal relations, and treating meats with salt before cooking. Another factor which lowered mortality among Jews was the setting apart of Jewish communities within closed ghettos and isolated villages.

This week, the ancient medieval blood libel adopted a new form: the coronavirus epidemic.

Extremists have taken to the web to spread their anti-Semitic agenda, accusing the Jews for creating the virus on purpose to control the world. The Arab media has also joined in the conspiratorial trend against the US and Israel, claiming that the absence of cases in both countries is no coincidence, and that the disease is spread as part of an economic and political plot to overpower China.

The Cure to All Diseases

The people of Israel indeed hold a miracle vaccine deeply rooted within Jewish “DNA”: the power of connection to the upper force through a common prayer. In the days of the Temple, Jews lived united by threads of love, and by virtue of their positive connection, they grasped the goal of creation and were able to draw the force that guides humanity to goodness. However, as a result of unfounded hatred, the Temple was destroyed, and since then, Jews need to reconnect and build the foundation for unity among all the countries and peoples in the world.

Humanity is linked through invisible connections as in a network. Subconsciously, humanity feels that the Jewish people have a role to maintain the balance in this network since they have a special relationship with the upper force, the force that controls everything in nature on all levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate and human. In other words, the discriminatory attitude toward Jews, for good or for bad, results from the mission that only they can fulfill, which the world is demanding more and more.

The mission of the Jewish people is to reunite “as one man with one heart” and through such unity, activate the force that will help the world achieve love, peace and unity above the growing divisions. The special bond of the Jews to the upper force opens the pipeline of abundance and light to humanity. That is precisely the task of the Jewish people: to be “a light unto the nations.”

The hatred as a result of the coronavirus epidemic is merely another expression of the lack of connection between Jews. When Jews fail to fulfill their role, hatred is revealed, forcing them to raise a common prayer. Such a prayer is no ritual, but a shared desire from the bottom of our hearts for unification.

A person who prays is a person who tries to connect with others and who then judges himself in relation to his extent of connection, and his efforts to connect. This is brought about through the realization that everyone is blessed only when all are united. When we come to terms with this principle, we understand that we need to ask for help from the upper force: to change our egoistic attitude from focus on ourselves and turn it into care for others.

At this point, the prayer will be answered and unity will be possible. In such a harmonious state, humanity as a whole will be healthy and safe.

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