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Coronavirus Impacts People, Politics and Power

CoronaVirus TPocalypse meme
Coronavirus TPocalypse meme

Thoughts during Lockdown

Imagine what a government can do with just 24 hours of most people locked in at home and others only on their way to/from work or urgent tasks. Think of all the … changes … they could implement. Maybe add a few cameras here and there. Maybe change some intersection’s direction. Maybe increase their presence on the street a little. Maybe restrict access to certain additional streets, buildings, beaches, parks, mountains, forests, rivers, streams, or other areas they might govern.

Now imagine what most of the world’s powerful governments could do, if they implement a hodge-podge policy of doing this for weeks at a time in each country, for a period lasting a few months, if not longer.

Now imagine a scenario in which anytime someone gets sick from eating a bat in China, the rest of the world obeys the latest orders to shut themselves in, for however long it takes, until the gov’t says otherwise.

Now imagine how quickly people might lose any financial safety net that they had.

Now imagine how fast folks could become dependent on government handouts in such a situation.

Now imagine a narrative in which it is a very convenient excuse to blame all of the collapse of the economy on a virus.

Now imagine politicians scrambling to exploit the situation.

President Trump speaking to the Press at the White House on Wed. March 18, 2019

Now imagine a situation in which manufacturing is nationalized and militarized.

Now imagine a scenario where you do not have free and unfettered access to your fiat currency … your cash money … in your bank account.

Do you imagine that this will be a good scenario?

Do you imagine that this is a scenario you will accept? Or will you stand up and voice your honest and reasonable concerns in such a way that gives gravitas to your argument? Or will you just accept this situation because you are just scared and clueless?

Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine any of it.
This is the situation we are all in now. And what exactly is happening that is good by way of the lockdowns?
How is it helping?

Seriously. Ask yourself if this is the kind of world you want from here on out. Because the changes are being made and accepted, for better or worse.

What I Think of the Coronavirus lockdowns

Personally, I understand the idea of the lockdown but in actual practice, it’s a farce in most, if not all places.

What I Hope Will Happen

Not that it matters one bit what I hope for, but what the heck. You’re reading this. Maybe you’re even stuck at home while you’re reading this. Or maybe you’re reading this from some point in the future, wondering, “This is hilarious.” So I may as well share.

I hope better policies that actually help the situation are implemented ASAP. Policies like:
1. Develop and distribute vaccine ASAP whatever the resources it requires.
2. Produce more protective masks and gear for first responders, health workers, and infected people.
3. Make enough testing kits for everyone.
4. Make more ventilators and other equipment, meds and supplies are required for sick people.

And I hope that more people will soon realize the value of using decentralized, immutable, uncensorable, unconfiscatable currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin, as well as other good uses for crypto altcoins like ETH, EtLyteT, MKR and others.

Making The Most of Your COVID-19 Quarantines

It’s easy to be cynical of the situation, especially if you are stressed, locked up, frustrated, perhaps even upset or angry about your lack of normality in your daily life. Rather than do that, if forced to take time off, then learning new subject matter, gaining new skills, improving existing ones, taking care of things that normally get a backseat in the priorities list, these are the times that naturally lend themselves to growing and advancing your quality of life by leaps and bounds, while most do only as they are told, and just wait their time away.

My Hippie Dippie Outro

To borrow from John Lennon, “You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.”

That’s my Two Satoshis, anyway.

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