Coronavirus: Why I am Grateful to LiAmi Lawrence of Keep Olim In Israel

An essential lesson in life is to understand the basic difference.

Friendship is a two-way relationship.

An acquaintance on the other hand, is someone you see, possibly every day, at school, work, place of worship, or through some common activity.  Someone you help, without expecting anything in return.

There is an essential life lesson to be learned, and it can be learned the easy way or the hard way.

You should never trust an acquaintance.

I personally, seem to have a problem learning this lesson. I haven’t been able to get it. I’ve been ruminating, about the possibility, that there could be something missing in my DNA makeup.

My father, A”H, ingrained into my brain, from a very young age, that

  1. I was to be a doctor and
  2. I was going to do “great things.”

At the age of 18, I broke his heart, with the simple statement, “sorry daddy, I have decided to change my major and no longer be pre-med,” and, I definitely haven’t done “great things” other than help produce and raise 5 beautiful diamonds.  My dad died when I was only 25.

Maybe I missed my calling daddy, and I was supposed to find the missing link.

Let’s say it isn’t a DNA issue.  What else could I possibly uncover?  This is when I realized that we all have certain personality types. That doesn’t mean that you have a personality disorder, necessarily.  Many people are uncomfortable around Empaths. I love the fact that we are now called Empaths, instead of highly sensitive people.  It’s like how evolution works. People started with derogatory words and eventually better language evolved and developed.  We now use words like, physically challenged vs. handicapped, or special education vs. students with disabilities.

When we change the perception and the thoughts, then change the actual words to the positive, and have goals to strive for, great things can truly manifest.

The probability that there isn’t a single human being on this planet that hasn’t somehow been affected by this scourge we call Corona, is pretty close to zero. For many, it hasn’t had an overly positive effect.  I too, have had family and friends become very sick and die. Others, are struggling with every other issue in the book

For me, personally, I am walking away a far better person, because I have finally, after feeling so very isolated so much of my life, felt so embraced by the entire world in isolation, and after a lifetime of feeling stuck and unable to see CLEARLY the difference between friend and acquaintance, it is as clear as the clearest pool of water.

LiAmi Lawrence, you are a true FRIEND, to every human being. You inspire me to continue to push every day in joy, in our Homeland, Together As Olim.

About the Author
Hadar Sela, American by birth, Israeli by choice, living in Ashkelon, Southern Israel, survivor of a Hamas terrorist rocket attack, “Living Deliberately” Life Coach, committed to living life consciously each and every day.
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