Corporate Word Play

Eventually, many will enter
an independent incontinent entity
or be sanitized and shuttered in
Hollowed Edge, Shady Side, Potters Place, Soothing Sounds, and Grassy Knoll
(and we know that outcome).

Middle class patter categorizes
all who can pay as independent, while
superbly manicured, upper crusted corporate silos sanitize their inconvenience,
up charging all, sans interest,
for smoother, buttered, lies.

The only escape routes are putt putt golf, bingo, balloon volleyball, water aerobics, field trips to Walmart, and other
delusions that time will tell of,
or laughter at the predicament,
which is the only sound of sanity.

About the Author
Having been a teacher, social worker, lawyer, writer, and radio show host(ess), Audrey is now continuing to write, playing at improv comedy, and exploring other activities that can turn stress into joy and laughter.