Jaime Kardontchik
Jaime Kardontchik

COVID-19: Israel versus Canada

I read with amusement Allan Fox’s latest blog “Netanyahu failed to keep Israelis safe from Covid” [1]. In which planet does Allan Fox live?

Canada: 10 residents per square mile. Israel: 1,087 residents per square mile. Israelis are 100 times more densely packed than the Canadians. Even, Canadian’s most packed province, Ontario, has a density of 35 residents for square mile, 30x less than Israel. This is the overwhelming factor explaining the high number of COVID-19 transmissions in Israel, compared to Canada.

And how does Canada fare with respect to Israel in the response to COVID-19?

“So far, 4% of the Canadian population has received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine … [Reuters news, March 5, 2021]

Compare with 54% of the Israel population who already received the 1st dose.

“The government of Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, said it would extend the maximum period between first and second doses to four months, [to speed] access to a first shot.” [Reuters news, March 5, 2021]

In other words, the government of Canada failed miserably to assure an adequate supply of vaccines for its population, so it decided to overrule the recommendation of all the scientific bodies of 3-4 weeks distance between the 1st and 2nd doses.  Canadians will get only the 1st dose and hope that several months later they will get the 2nd dose (assuming, that in the interim they did not succumb to the COVID-19 due to the poor protection provided by the first dose)

Ordinary Canadian citizens are not happy (except, perhaps, Allan Fox) about the situation in their country:

“[Canadian’s] Government approval, the prime minister’s image and vote share are all down over the past few weeks. Simultaneously, negative perceptions of the government’s handling of the vaccination file have risen sharply.” [BBC News, February 19, 2021]

I love Canada: I once visited Ottawa, its capital. I liked very much its suburban village style, its clean and wide streets, and the spacious forests surrounding it with the brilliant yellow-orange colors of their trees. If you love Nature – Canada is the place to be headed to after retirement. I truly understand why Allan Fox finishes his blog stating that he prefers to live safely in Ontario. And this, not taking even into account Israel’s friendly neighbors Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. We all would prefer to live in Canada!

[1] Times of Israel, March 11, 2021

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