Creating Peace in Marriage

The foundation practice for creating peace in marriage is intention. We need to have an intention to create peace. We also need to have an intention to live in peace for there to be peace in marriage. Some of us think peace is boring. Western lifestyle is often based on excitement. In the Western World if there is no excitement then we are restless and unsatisfied. It takes maturity and discipline to know that peace is the birthing ground for growth for both individuals and the couple as a whole.

When my intention is to be at peace and to create peace it becomes much easier. By practicing faith that peace is a great thing for me and my marriage and my children it becomes much easier to sidestep those words and actions that would destroy peace.

In the sefer “Netivot Shalom” it says in Parshat Korach that when we destroy peace we destroy holiness. A marriage requires peace to be a creative experience.

Let us explore cleaning our intention of all the distractions so that peace can become our first priority


About the Author
Chana Rochel Frumin is the founder/director of The Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute with over 30 years experience in marital and family counseling in the Jerusalem area.
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