Bassem Eid

Cut off Terrorist NGOs

Israel’s Defense Ministry has revealed that six Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are fronts for terrorism. Good riddance. These six front groups have deep ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a radical Islamist group that has murdered and maimed in service of its fanatical ideology. For decades, these groups have funneled cash from their accounts into the coffers of terrorists whose attacks have claimed the lives of countless Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Israel’s decision to publicly expose them will go a long way to ensure public safety and make sure international aid money only flows to legitimate charities.

Addameer, Al Haq, Defense for Children International- Palestine, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, the Bissan Research Center, and the Union of Palestinian Womens Committees have all aided and abetted the PFLP. These six NGOs share staff and resources with the notorious terror group, directly or indirectly supporting its illegal activities by laundering money. Israel’s sanctions should come as no surprise. Many of these organizations have previously faced scrutiny in the international community. As it happens, when you steal international aid funding and divert it towards terrorism, you eventually tend to get caught.

Among the biggest beneficiaries from Israel’s decision to call out these six PFLP affiliates are Palestinians like me. International aid money should flow to legitimate charities that benefit our communities, not front groups for terror organizations. It is a sad state of affairs when it takes an edict from the Israeli Ministry of Defense to force European “benefactors” to stop contributing to our misery.

The United States, European Union, Japan, Australia, and other countries have already designated the PFLP as a terrorist organization – and rightfully so. PFLP airline hijackings, suicide bombings, and other attacks have cost countless innocent people their lives. The PFLP and groups like it have destabilized our shared homeland for generations, making peace all the more unattainable. It is now time for these same democratic governments – the leaders of the rules-based international order – to stand with peace-loving Israelis and Palestinians by sanctioning the PFLP’s six affiliates as well.

Israel has finally set the record straight and revealed these six PFLP front groups for what they are. But the U.S. has yet to subject PFLP’s money laundering network to primary or even secondary sanctions. America now has a golden opportunity and a moral responsibility to act on the overwhelming evidence compiled by the Israeli Ministry Defense and add the six PFLP affiliates to the State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs). Jews, Muslims, and Christians who desire to live in peace and security will thank them for it.

About the Author
Bassem Eid (born 5 February 1958) is a Palestinian living in Israel who has an extensive career as a Palestinian human rights activist. His initial focus was on human rights violations committed by Israeli armed forces, but for many years has broadened his research to include human rights violations committed by the Palestinian Authority (PA), and the Palestinian armed forces on their own people. He founded the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group in 1996, although it ceased operations in 2011. He now works as a political analyst for Israeli TV and radio.
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