Dafni Meir A”H

This week my cousin, Yakov Nagen (Genack) was in from Israel. He’s the Rosh Kollel at Yeshivat Otniel. The Shabbos before Mrs. Meir a”h was taken from us, Rabbi Nagen told me that he gave a drasha regarding the idea that every moment in life matters and that one should not be “machmitz” (delay action) and let time pass unappreciated.

The next morning Mrs. Meir approached my cousin and told him that the drasha left a deep impression on her and that for now on this would be her new outlook, namely, “every moment counts.”

The next day she left us.

How many of us can say we take advantage of every moment and are ready to adopt the same stance of Dafni Meir a”s? May this serve as an inspiration as Pesach approaches — to eradicate all notions of “chametz” — time delays. We should act with immediacy and live every moment to its fullest in order to achieve the final salvation.

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Steven Genack is the founder of Aish Haolam
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