Daniel Hannan – Button It!

Daniel Hannan is an MEP who was a leader of the Leave campaign.

He was on the Today programme (BBC Radio 4) today, attacking Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England. Hannan suggested that Carney has ‘politicised the office’ and that he should ‘comport himself as a quiet and discrete public servant who errs on the side of saying too little.’ Hannan described Carney as ‘the rockstar banker who presumes to tell Scotland whether to stay and Britain which way to vote.’

Hannan is a disgrace. Mark Carney is a consummate professional who has simply done his job. That job included warning about the adverse economic consequences of voting to leave the EU. Hannan’s allegations are absurd. The Bank of England is independent in achieving the government’s inflation target for a reason – namely, that credible commitment means that it can achieve its aims at lower cost in terms of lost GDP.

When Hannan spoke at the Board of Deputies’ debate before the referendum, I counted eight falsehoods in his speech.

If Mark Carney is driven out by idiotic attacks by ignorant politicians like Hannan, watch sterling fall another 15 percent and future economic prospects worsen further still.

Michael Gove said famously that Britain has had enough of experts. The truth is that Britain has had it up to here with Daniel Hannan.

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Jonathan Hoffman is a blogger who has written for United With Israel, CiFWatch (now UK Media Watch), Harrys Place and Z-Word.
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