Zvi Gluck

Darkest Before Dawn

Depression is sometimes referred to as “the silent killer” because its symptoms can be masked or minimized until it’s too late. But the mental health and greater community has made tremendous strides in acknowledging and treating this all too common illness from which so many people suffer; and with timely and appropriate support, there is every reason to believe that someone facing this challenge can live a full and healthy life.

Aaron*, an 18 year-old college freshman, learned of Amudim through a friend he met on campus, and decided to reach out when his severe depression had reached a breaking point. His struggles went back several years, including episodes of suicidal ideation that had led to hospitalization. And while Aaron thought that with the fresh start of school and a new environment, he had the situation under control, he realized that he needed help when he could no longer keep up with his assignments or daily activities.

Our case manager learned during intake that Aaron had not seen a psychiatrist or been to therapy in two years; they discussed Aaron’s options, and his case manager helped find a residential treatment program geared towards Aaron’s needs. He also intuited from their conversation that Aaron was yearning for but hesitant to seek out family support; with Aaron’s permission, they called his parents together to apprise them of the situation. Finally, the case manager assisted Aaron with contacting his college’s registrar to arrange a medical leave so that he would not be penalized for his mid-semester withdrawal.

With a great treatment team of doctors and therapists, Aaron made significant progress; he was able to step down to outpatient treatment after four months, and is currently seeing a therapist near his campus twice a week while he works to get his life back on track. Aaron and his case manager maintain regular contact to ensure that the journey towards healing continues, and Aaron is grateful to be back in class, socializing with classmates and building the foundation for a successful future.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Amudim is just a phone call away and here to help.

*Names and details have been changed for privacy purposes

About the Author
Zvi Gluck is the CEO of Amudim, an organization dedicated to helping abuse victims and those suffering from addiction within the Jewish community, and has been heavily involved in crisis intervention and management for the past 20 years.
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