David’s Sling: Trick or Treat?

A few days after the celebration of Halloween, during which children utter, ‘Trick or Treat’ implying “give a treat or a sinister trick will follow,” it was reported that Russia was in possession of Israel’s premier, high tech intercept missile, David’s Sling.

Depending on who you believe, it was conveyed that Russia might have jammed the missile’s self-destruct causing the missile to land intact in Syria. And if true, providing a massive coup or gift for Russia’s military engineers.

Or is it? Everyone knows what goes up most likely, due to gravity, will come down in some form or fashion. Especially missile engineers, and elementary kids studying Isaac Newton.

That being the case, was it a genuine David’s Sling missile or a meticulous and vast ‘missile’ delusion in preparation for a possible future Russian confrontation?

Although at present, Israel is not necessarily treating Russia as an aggressor but certainly apprehensive that Russia might continue to negatively amend status quo.

Now many agree if a regional war develops, in the initial stages it will be a massive missile confrontation coinciding with an air war. Therefore enemy missile deception or counterfeit missile technology imparted to enemies would be in Israel’s best interest.

Moreover, the Russian military personnel, vessels and equipment ‘testing’ that is ongoing, including a reported Russian submarine off Israel’s coast, Russian hacking, plus, the recent imprisonment of an Israeli in Russia, has not calmed Israel’s fears or reservations.

Likewise though, Israel too has been testing in relation to the armies occupying this region, and in every aspect concerning. Long before Russia returned to the Middle East. Equally, Israeli intelligence pertaining to Russia is apparently immense.

Furthermore, the indigenous Jewish, Israeli culture is a small, closed, relatively unstudied and generally unfamiliar civilization to the outside world. Even to various global Jews who are not integrated into authentic, Israeli society. And most predominantly, unrevealed to the worldwide political and military arena, which in most cases are normally busy or don’t bother to appreciate or comprehend Israeli qualities.

And while Israelis are generous, loving, helpful, bright and positive world contributors. Consequently, reputedly when orchestrated, the foreigners only see what the ‘Israeli’ allows or wishes to disclose along with strategically prepared illusory behavior and reactions for Israel’s foes. Which is easy to achieve in condensed cultures, small countries and exceptional, vigilant and trained protective services.

Another key and unique factor is that Israel, since their rebirth as a nation, has never had lasting peace. There have been wars, rocket, mortar and missile assaults, bombings, shootings, stabbings and vehicle terror, kidnappings, annihilation threats, border conflicts, and perpetual warnings. As a result, Israel’s on constant war-looming overload, always creating, training, preempting and on unrelieved alertness.

Most or all nations and personnel have pauses or respite between conflicts, build up, and training, or go home, far away from danger. Not Israel; and this unfortunate realism is a conflict-infected-regional curse. Yet cultivated a firm commitment in relation to their mentality, devotion and zeal for survival as a Jewish people and of their Jewish State.

In addition, it may seem that the core of Israeli government is not ever in inclusive control, based on elections, religious and ethnic issues. But nothing could be further from the truth. Similar to other governments, Israel, purportedly, has an invisible nucleus or crux of individuals that ensures the survival of the Jewish, State of Israel.

Plus, a number of distinctive cultural, demographic and environmental factors contributed in formulating the Israeli. In this case specifically, their developed, unique character and ability to invent something, from no perceivable origin, into something many outsiders cannot grasp nor believe is possible. Beneficial global tech contributions to medical and communications related, among many other relevancies. In conjunction with the concentration of brilliant, Israeli ‘thinkers’ that mentally fabricate technologies into reality, technology that, in times of peril, may be rendered to veil its own precise application.

Valid observation in assorted Israeli technologies reflect that they have seemingly little or no known foundation until a concept was created from an acute need, or from a challenge, word, illustration, thought or sight. And Israelis excel with an unlimited aptitude and desire to generate the item in a matter of weeks or months. The country is teeming with akin people and inventions, and famous for it.

The same is true of the Israeli when applied to human psychology. Nevertheless, particularly against an opponent, whether friendly or not, Israelis are masters of mind games. Sometimes, allegedly preferring to be perceived as unprepared or underrated by their enemies, visualizing instead ultimate, far-reaching success, benefits, and continued existence as a reward for their cunning efforts. On the other hand, and historically, Israelis provide valuable scientific assistance in this subject that helped numerous, and collectively, potentially, could help all people.

Reportedly, and more comprehensively, Israeli society is accordingly organized and coordinated to relentlessly nurture, encourage, and train for similar and useful aligning traits and interrelated fields. Because of this, the native Israeli has little or no measurable negative mental inhibitors, and is not cognitively restricted as westerners and structured civilizations who are routinely taught rigid standardization, limitations, and habitually adhering to protocols or rules. Followed by, westerners and structured civilizations frequently being told – “that is impossible”.

Thus, combining all the Israeli attributes mentioned in this article, and more, they provide the Nation of Israel with enormous assets and advantages which are used virtuously at home and in world populations. Nonetheless, can be modified in times of danger to save Israelis and their nation when required. And, this is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

Subsequently besides Russia, Iran should be ultra wary of Israeli capacities.

So – was ‘that’ errant David’s Sling missile really an achievement, or ‘treat’, for the Russians?

For that matter, is any piece of Israeli technology that ‘falls’ into enemy hands, like a Tamir interceptor seeker section?

Or like Halloween, rather even after given or receiving a treat, sometimes a methodical devised trick ensues as well.

Note: this is a highly abridged article from the analyst/author, accentuating only the material that applies to David’s Sling and partial, alleged, Israeli traits and realities that are relevant.

About the Author
Don Davis is a published Middle East analyst and book author. For more than twenty years most of his research material was client confidential and behavioral related. But many of his abridged reports on current or Israeli subjects have been posted as articles or blogs in, The Times of Israel, The Christian Messenger, a newspaper/journal/magazine, and in American news online. Don is also the book author of The Children of Santiago and The Theogonic Resurrections.