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Day 40 Of The War: We Have Had Enough

Our bleak existence
Our bleak existence

We don’t hear much detail about the war, and I personally get the information from the radio, newspapers, and social media. I have to use my imagination to believe that the south, north, and east of Israel have become war zones. There are many residents in these areas who were evacuated, and many have not returned home yet. An unexpected source of information, about far away places in Israel, are the volunteer drivers who transport meals to soldiers from our a restaurant in Tel Aviv to various locations across Israel.

Yesterday, for example, the drivers heading to the Western Galilee in the north of Israel spent more than 10 hours on the road. They left the restaurant a little after noon and made 15 stops to deliver meals. Unfortunately, they couldn’t reach 2 of the destinations as the army stopped them due to the dangerous conditions. I knew there was a war in the north, but didn’t realize it was that bad. These drivers are friends of mine, and that is why I know the specifics of their route. Sometimes trips to riskier destinations are canceled simply because a driver hasn’t been found. I can completely understand it.

Today at the restaurant, I had an unpleasant incident with a first-time driver to the south (Western Negev). He  arrived at 11:30 to pick up an order that was supposed to be ready by 2:30. It wasn’t his fault, nor ours: the coordinator made a typo in the WhatsApp message that the driver received. Unfortunately, we couldn’t assist him as there was no food ready at that time. 

As we were talking and I attempted to explain, I suddenly realized that people were losing their patience. We’ve had enough of this bleak existence: first a Judicial overhaul, then a war, people are losing their jobs, and the hostages are in Gaza for 40 days. And worst of all, still having to endure the same old Netanyahu and his corrupt government’s schemes and lies, all the while we are busy with the war.

The driver was upset, feeling that we had wasted his time, and I felt helpless. Our nerves are frayed, and it’s still unclear whether the war will end soon. In the meantime, I sense that we will need to dig much deeper and find additional patience. We must sustain ourselves, at least until the hostages are back and the reserve duty soldiers return to their families. Bring the hostages back now.

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