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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - APRIL 23: "Gaza Solidarity Encampment" at Columbia University entered its one-week in New York, United States on April 23, 2024. (Photo by Selcuk Acar/Anadolu via Getty Images)
NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - APRIL 23: "Gaza Solidarity Encampment" at Columbia University entered its one-week in New York, United States on April 23, 2024. (Photo by Selcuk Acar/Anadolu via Getty Images)


How much more can we take?

Every day seems to present some new horror that tests the limits of our emotional tolerance.

We spend a weekend holding our breath as Iran rains unprecedented fire at our family in Israel and then are told to be happy it did not kill and take that as a win.

We wake up to tent encampments first at Columbia, then at Yale, then at NYU, then at twenty other universities across the nation, organized and funded by National Students for Justice in Palestine with $300 tents effectively to segregate Jews out of university campuses.

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We go to bed to the sight of bonfires in New York as our nation’s youth scream proudly that they are Hamas, a federally barred terrorist entity, and for the deaths of their Jewish classmates.

We watch the nation’s supposed best and brightest cheer at the downing of the American flag.

We wake up the next day to pictures of Jewish kids beaten, stabbed in the eye, harassed, shoved, spat on, having red paint thrown on them, and threatened with 10,000 October 7ths by their classmates without repercussion.

We must sit by and observe passively while thousands of young Americans scream to globalize the Intifada and obliterate Tel Aviv in a frenzy of ignorant mania wrought by twenty years of subtle, foreign-financed indoctrination.

We see genocide-supporting professors who expressed thrill at the October 7th massacre stand side-by-side with arrogant, uneducable students as they link arms to, in their own words chanted in a zombie-creep call-and-response, push Jewish students off their own campuses in scenes worthy of 1960s Alabama.

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We are chided that this is their First Amendment right to express themselves, while we are told by former friends and colleagues to perhaps not be so vocal or advocate for our people so loudly because it makes others uncomfortable when we call out hate speech by other minorities against Jews. That we are the bigots and racists when we try to defend ourselves.

Every day brings new tests designed to weaken our resolve, to test our mettle, to challenge our mental stability, to undermine our self-esteem, to attack our right to speak, to question our right to be.

To Be.

It is enough.

Call out the National Guard, Governor Hochul. A five-day pogrom at New York universities is long enough, I should think, to satisfy even the most stalwart of free speech advocates.

Every governor facing the same feckless university administrations as are failing New Yorkers – you must do the same. Are you waiting for it to get worse? For more people to get hurt? For a bomb to go off? What level of imminent violence or lawless action is required to qualify as unprotected speech when it comes to Jewish kids?

Besides, we have moved well past “imminent violence” and directly on to actual violence at this point, and yet we still hear claims that these rioters have a right to “free speech.” We have students who have been assaulted on their own campuses with impunity under the guise of “liberation.”

In the timeless words of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., “Your liberty to swing your fist ends just where my nose begins.”

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This is no longer about Jews. In fact, it never was. Jews have been trying to tell the world this for quite some time. What starts with us never ends with us. This is an anti-American, anti-Western, radical Islamist infiltration that was welcomed into our midst through the doors of higher education with open arms and through hungry wallets.

The Islamist indoctrination machine has activated its sleeper cells, while US law enforcement and leaders are still snoring at the helm.



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Ellen Ginsberg Simon is an attorney and compliance professional. She has an M.Phil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from Oxford University and is also a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School.
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