Stephen I. Siller

Dear Chuck, butt out!

Senator Schumer, where have you been since October 7? Do you have Democrat Stockholm Syndrome? Who put you up to this contemptible betrayal of a key US ally during Israel’s war for survival? Did the White House write your speech? Why give aid and comfort to Hamas, the self-professed enemy of the US and Israel? Why did you declare the “four main obstacles to achieving peace in Israel” are BiBi, Hamas and their supporters, Israel’s so-called radical right-wing government, and PA President Abbas? Why did you threaten that “if we fail to overcome them, then Israel and the West Bank and Gaza will be trapped in the same violent state of affairs they’ve experienced for the last 75 years.

Who is the “we”? Despite telling us you speak for “a silent majority” of “mainstream Jewish Americans,” you do not speak for Jews in the US, Israel, or worldwide. You certainly do not speak for me. Are you the “Shomer” of the Jews like the heads of the Nazi-imposed Jewish Councils? Do you think being in the Congressional Judenrat gives you immunity from the Jew-hatred that Hamas, your Party’s Squad, and your Party’s “Democrat Socialists” propound? You tell us you “will never underestimate the grave threats Israel faces” yet your words do just that. Butt out.

What caused you to list Bibi first? Your list should have these four obstacles: Hamas, nearly all Gazans, the PA, and around 75% of Palestinian Arabs. Did you include Abbas to balance including Bibi? Who are the “bigots” in Israel’s government? Maybe a mirror is in order. You attack Bibi, Smotrich and Ben Gvir, so criticizing you is fair. If you and your fellow Jewish Congressional Democrats want to hang up your yarmulkes and wear keffiyehs, feel free to stop being an embarrassment to Jews worldwide. This White house sees you as expendable. What do “they” have on you, Senator?

As part of your Get Trump strategy, you and your Democrats falsely said that Russia was interfering in the 2016 US election. Please do not interfere in Israel’s politics, internal affairs and war against terror. Maybe the NY Senate election should be accelerated just like you demand that Israel accelerate the 2026 Knesset election to now. You want Israel to surrender to Hamas because five months of fighting have passed? Where were you five months into WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan? Do you have a soul, values, ethics or morals, or is what you do and say all about power and control?

Why not tell Israel to get on with destroying Hamas in Rafah and that America has Israel’s back? Israel will do what it needs to do without your “help.” You pontificate about everything and anything as if you were an expert on something. You are a public servant who’s been on the public dole forever. You are not anyone’s master or overseer. You insult every Israeli when you say the “Israeli government . . . includes bigots who reject the idea of a Palestinian state.” Bigots? Have you looked in a mirror lately?

How dare you tell us “[t]he only real and sustainable solution to this decades-old conflict is a negotiated two-state solution, a demilitarized Palestinian state, living side by side with Israel in equal measures of peace, security, prosperity, dignity, and mutual recognition.” There is no two-state solution. Gaza has been Judenrein since 2005. How many “two-state” do-overs have the Palestinian Arabs had and unilaterally subverted? Demanding once again a “two-state solution” is the insanity you advocate by rewarding terrorists with a terrorist state. Why slap the hostages and their families with your condescending words and Biden’s latest waiver of Iran sanctions? Did you know one of the IDF soldiers who rescued the two Rafah hostages was subsequently killed in Gaza by your Party’s favorite terrorists?

The “Palestinians” did not exist until Egypt and Jordan lost Gaza, Judea and Samaria. There are no Palestine boundaries, elections, currency, or any Palestine anything other than terror and the terrorists. They do have a slogan, “From the River to the Sea,” a slogan you tell the Palestinians and their supporters to reject. Fat chance. Do you not accept that these people want Israel to die? Read the hundreds of comments to the Israeli news articles about your rant.

Are threats against Bibi next, like the “whirlwind” threats you made against Justices Gorsuch and Cavanaugh? Why else did you also say: “If Netanyahu’s current coalition remains in power after the war against Hamas and continues to pursue dangerous and inflammatory policies that test existing US standards for assistance, then the US will have no choice but to play a more active role in shaping Israel’s policy by using its leverage to change the present course.” Is an Israeli coup coming? Do you despise Bibi as much as President Trump, two leaders you and your Democrat Elites cannot control?

Some have advocated that Biden speak to the Knesset. Biden’s deteriorating cognition precludes that and he would be booed off the podium. Should Bibi address the US Congress like he did under Obama? There are four main obstacles to the Israel peace you claim you want:

  1. Biden and Harris, and those who control them.
  2. The Biden-Harris Administration, especially Blinken, Mayorkas, Garland and the other Administration Jews who should know better.
  3. The Biden-Harris supporters in Congress, especially Pelosi, you, and the other Jewish members of Congress who should know better.
  4. Hamas, the PA, and their Qatari and Iranian masters.

Your time might be spent better on unearthing the answers to these questions:

  1. Why did the NSA lie to Israel in 1973 and tell Israel that Egypt and Syria were not going to attack on Yom Kippur, and who in the US government did the lying?
  2. Did the NSA or anyone else in the US government lie to Israel on October 6 or 7, 2024, and tell Israel that Hamas was not going to attack and, as the US told Israel in 1973 about Egypt and Syria, all Hamas was doing was war-gaming?
  3. Did the NSA, CIA or any other alphabet agency finance and foment the anti-judicial reform movement and demonstrations in Israel, and if so, who exactly, and why – more anti-Bibi activity?
  4. Why is Biden waiving Iran sanctions and allowing Iran to receive more funds?

You will answer none of these questions. Gillibrand’s silence is deafening. We need term limits for Senators and Representatives. As a NY voter, my hope is that you get primaried by someone even worse than you, such as AOC, and then maybe a commonsense Republican can replace you. Butt out!

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Stephen I. Siller is a Manhattan-based international lawyer, instrument-rated pilot, open-water scuba diver, and accomplished glassblower. His views are personal and not those of any firm or other organization with which he is affiliated.
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