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Dear Debbie Wasserman Schultz re: “Courting Adelson is not Jewish outreach”..

This letter is to the very public op-d last friday by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

I just came back from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas attending the Republican Jewish Coalition or as Debbie Wasserman Schultz would say, The I can’t believe there are Jewish Republicans out there coalition.

According to Debbie, we are not really Jewish because only Democrats believe in equality, justice, immigration reform,civil rights on and on. Well Debbie, here is a little clue for you. we are Jewish , we are Republican and we are all fed up with your phony, divisive, nasty, hypocritical comments, and that is one of the reasons that we are moving to the Republican party. We are also fed up with this administrations hatred towards the democratically elected Government of Israel. We look at actions not words because we all know how truthful the President has been on many issues.

You will be the last one to turn the lights or the candles off for the Democrats the way that you are going. Your party is is not your Daddy s Democrats they are leftist self righteous, hypocrites who will and have sold our country and Israel down the river.

I can assure you Debbie that we share many of the values of the Republican party which you so denigrate.
We believe in immigration , legal immigration.

We love our country , are proud of it and will not apologize for the greatest country ever in the history of this planet.

The Republican party also are the true friends of Israel not the Democrats. That is obvious by the way that Israel and its democratically elected Government has been treated during the last 6 years.

We believe in equal rights for all not just for those at the top who sell favors to the highest bidder ( see Hillary Clinton) .

We believe in equal opportunity. We want everyone to be successful and wealthy and we want to create the environment for those who want to be successful to live their dream.

We believe in personal responsibility not hand outs.

We do however believe in charity, and we believe in a social safety net where necessary.

We do not believe in identity politics. While your party has now identified the ” first” for everything we believe that what is important is for the “first” to be competent. We don’t view people as black, white, Jew, Christian, rich poor, all should have the same laws , rules, and opportunity to excel , to create, to grow and live the American dream.

We believe in American exceptionalism. We are not the problem for the world WE ARE THE SOLUTION.
So Debbie, I am Jewish , I am Republican , I am proud .

It is not just about Israel ….stupid !!!!

Oh by the way Debbie, this years convention is double that of last years. Your candidate of choice may be in jail by the time the election nears so …. enjoy.

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Larry Levine is a writer, businessman and activist. Originally from Long Island, moved to Columbus Ohio I have been a stand up comedian, talk show host, and compose music. I am a "reformed conservadox" In other words I find beauty in all facets of Judaism . Passionate about politics, people, Israel and our great country.
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