Jean Campaiola

Dear Members of the Raleigh City Council

To Mayor Baldwin and members of the Raleigh City Council:
I am a retired psychiatrist and my husband I have been members of the Raleigh Jewish community for the past 27 years.
I am writing to urge you not to adopt the proposed resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Middle East.
The most disturbing part of this proposal is that makes no mention of the atrocities of October 7th.
To omit this, the very reason for the war, is no oversight.  It is a deliberate whitewash.
The barbarism of that invasion, when thousands of Hamas terrorists attacked Israeli men, women and children, including the very old and the very young, was pure evil.
Raw video of the rapes, torture, and murders of Israeli citizens have been shown to members of the International Press Corps and to members of Congress and United Nations.
To a person, viewers have been horrified by the sadism of the terrorists.
Some might think that a ceasefire would put an end to the killing.   It would not.
A ceasefire is exactly what Hamas wants.  It is what Hamas counts on when they are losing a war and need time to reload.
The pattern is utterly predictable.  Since seizing control of Gaza in 2006, Hamas has attacked Israel 4 separate times, and each time, after civilian casualties mount, the world has imposed a ceasefire.
As you know, Hamas deliberately builds command centers and ammunition bunkers under schools, playgrounds and hospitals.
It is their cynical war strategy to embed amidst ordinary people, to maximize civilian deaths.
It is not only cowardly, and a war crime, to use their own women and children as human shields, but it is a cynical manipulation of good conscience.
Hamas counts on decent people like you to call for a ceasefire.
For those who care most about the Palestinians, know that the Israeli army has shown more commitment to Palestinian lives than Hamas does.
Unique in the history of warfare, the Israel Defense Forces have allowed daily pauses in fighting, helped civilians get out of harm’s way, and provided humanitarian aid to Gaza.
The Israeli army entered booby trapped Al Shifra hospital with incubators, concerned for the welfare of Palestinian newborns.
Before you lend your signature to this repeated, failed idea of a ceasefire with Hamas, please remember:
A ceasefire was in place when Hamas invaded Israel on October 7th.
A ceasefire was in place when Hamas burned infants alive, and when they ripped a fetus from its mother’s womb.
A ceasefire was in place when they defiled human bodies to such a degree, that even DNA testing was impossible.
Going forward, another ceasefire with Hamas, who obeys no law nor honors any code of morality, would guarantee that Hamas will continue its war against Israel and its reign of terror over the Palestinians.
A ceasefire would also abandon the over 100 hostages, some American, remaining in the Gaza tunnels.
A ceasefire supports Hamas, a genocidal army, still thousands of fighters strong, who are well financed, well armed, and hell bent on their primary mission: the extermination of the Jewish people.
We ask that the Raleigh City Council not pass this or any resolution supporting such a monstrous group.
Jean Campaiola, MD
Raleigh, NC
About the Author
Jean is a retired psychiatrist living in Raleigh, North Carolina and Ft. Myers, Florida. She is originally from Massachusetts.
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