Dear MK Yitschak Pindrus

The following is a translation of a Hebrew letter sent to MK Pindrus, 3.3.2021

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Dear MK Yitschak Pindrus

I am writing to express my revulsion and shame as a Jew (living in Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood) and as a human being, at your repulsive, demeaning remarks made yesterday at the “Kippah” website conference. I learn from your debased words that Ruth the Moabite, great-grandmother of King David, was the ultimate “Shiksa.

Your CV states that you are a Yeshiva graduate. I can only conclude that your teachers and  parents (who will remain nameless here in order not to add to their embarrassment) have failed to instill within you, the most basic principles of Judaism.

Years ago our family was privileged to accompany a young woman with noble values ​​who was serving in the IDF, as she underwent a conversion process through the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. We accompanied her over many months during her serious and complex studies. She spent Shabbatot in our home in order to witness and participate in traditional Jewish lifestyle and together we celebrated her joy as she joined the Jewish Nation. Since then we have lost touch so that I can not testify to her present lifestyle. But of two things I am sure: There is one mitzvah she keeps that you do not, and that is, Love your Fellow as Yourself, (see Vayikra 19:18) and one offense that she does not commit which you do and that is, “Hilul Hashem“- Disgracing God (see Vayikra 18:21 and others.). From what I learnt from my parents and teachers, these are among Judaism’s most fundamental and valuable precepts.

As someone older than you, please consider these modest suggestions:

*Remember that you are far from being a faithful representative of Judaism and of the Jewish People. In future, state clearly that you represent a particular sector, which, for reasons beyond me, find value in your crude utterances.

*Apologize to your parents and teachers for the shame you have caused them.

*May your parents and family live in good health Ad 120. When they do pass on, remember your remarks on Shiva and Mourners Kaddish. You may well reconsider them in a different light.

*Return to your study bench and request that your teachers begin with the Laws of Repentance and the basic mitzvot between human and human.


Richard Shavei-Tzion

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Richard Shavei-Tzion is a widely published poet and is the author of "Poetry in the Parasha" and the Prayer for the Preservation of the Environment. His occasional articles on human and Jewish topics have been published around the Jewish world and his photographic images have been displayed in solo and group exhibitions Richard is the director of the Ramatayim Men's Choir. He manages commercial property and a medical center in Jerusalem.
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