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Dear Ms. Watson, antisemitism is a noun

Dear Ms. Watson,

I noticed that you are in solidarity with Hamas. I say Hamas because it was Hamas targets that Israel hit the day after Hamas fired two rockets at Israel’s largest city.

Now I know you said Palestinians, conflating all Palestinians with Hamas. That’s not nice. You see, Hamas is an Islamist, extremist terrorist organization whose goal is not the creation of a free and prosperous Palestine, but the murder of all Jews on earth. This is in their charter. So there are a lot of Palestinians who want a free state and whose goal is not the murder of all Jews and who really would not like to be conflated with Hamas. Those Palestinians would really resent you conflating the two. They can’t say this of course, because Hamas is a ruthless dictatorship that kills not only Jews but also any and all Palestinians who try to oppose Hamas. They do this by not allowing election, by banning all other parties, by kidnapping and killing all people who oppose them.

I also heard that you are a big supporter of women’s rights. Now I was wondering which group you have solidarity with more, women or terrorists? You see as an Islamist extremist organization Hamas has the same views on women as the Taliban: women have no right to property, education, or even their own bodies. So rape for husbands is permissible, beating the wife is permissible and even honor killings are fully permissible because they are the property of the men. Hamas is such a terrorist organization that there are actually women in jail for the crime of trying to smuggle their children out of the dictatorship. They really take “solidarity” seriously.

Of course, I don’t have to tell you about Hamas’s record on trans and LGBTQ positions. But this one I don’t have to ask, any friend of JK Rowling will be in full support of throwing gay people from buildings. There I know Hamas has your full support.

Speaking of the Taliban, do you support them too? They were fighting for an end of the occupation, did the fact that they murdered all of their political opponents and pregnant women and children in hospitals also not matter as much as their cause for domination over Afghanistan and the creation of an extremist Islamic state? What about Al Quida, do you support them? They were killing British people in London to free the Arabian peninsula of western armies and ideas? And what of ISIS? They like to bomb cities and sell women into sexual slavery, do they have your support? I would hope that you would not pick and choose your terrorists. I would expect them to be a little bit like children, sure you can like some more than others but you have to love them all equally.

Lastly, I really have to commend you Ms. Watson, on continuing a proud British tradition of attacking Jews and supporting dictatorships. Why you are truly following the proud footsteps of Oliver Cromwell who drove Jews out of England and the people of York who murdered all of their Jews. You are certainly together with Mr. Churchill who watched Jews die by the millions rather than let them into the Palestinian British Mandate which Britain promised to Jews.

Of course, we know all about British promises. I’m an American, and we know how British promises worked out for Native Americans. We also know how the British dealt with slaves, with rebel colonies, with Ireland, and with the Scotts. I don’t even have to mention how Britain acted in India and Kenya and South Africa.

Your actions today, uphold a long and strong position of terror and extremism aimed at a peaceful civilian population. There is not a country on earth that has not had a horrible civil war as a result of British border making and colonial-induced rifts in societies.

In conclusion, I want to say that Hamas welcomes your solidarity. Solidarity is a verb. But an antisemite and a historical human rights pariah are nouns, and a dictionary couldn’t do a better job of showcasing examples than your post to your millions of loyal fans.

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Sam Livin was born in Soviet Union and grew up in San Diego. In 2012, he travelled the world photographing Jewish communities publishing a book called "Your Story Our Sipur." Today he continues to write about Israel and Judaism as he lives and studies business and ecology in Tel Aviv.
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