Dear Voter: A Message From The Diaspora

Tomorrow you will once again head to the polls. I’m sure you feeling somewhat irate. The push and pull of politics can certainly be tolling and of course this is round two in a very long and intense campaign. I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve lost interest by now, so perhaps I can offer a few words of motivation from my point of view, here on the tip of Africa.

Unlike the democratic voting power of citizens in their respective countries around the world, your vote as an Israeli represents, not only the welfare of yourself, but the power to affect the environments of Jews around the world.

As a Jew living in the diaspora, I have a vested interest in the happenings and the strength of the State of Israel. When I think of my future and that of my family, Israel is perhaps the most integral part of it.

With the unpredictable movement in global politics and the risk of a rise in antisemitism, a strong Israel is paramount to the well-being of Jewish communities around the world. One simply needs to look back at our history to understand that our communities do not have the luxury of reliability in the various nations we have, and still do, reside in. Self determination for our people is newfound, it’s a modern empowerment and has paved the way for a vibrant and successful Jewish State, one with great freedoms that has proven to fight for the freedom of all Jews whether they be within or beyond its borders. Directly or not, a sense of confidence has certainly been infused into the mindset of Jewish environments within the diaspora, the bottom line being that a strong Israel represents a strong Jewish people.

So from a ‘Diaspora Jew’ perspective, when you cast your vote on Tuesday, my hope is that it will commission a positive power to a leader and party in whom we can trust in their ability to continue strengthening the Jewish State in an authentic and true fashion. That their eyes remain focused on the countries tremendous military and economic development, that their hearts remain connected to the history of the land and their minds engage in a humble state of commitment toward a positive future and a unification of our people.

As for yourself and your fellow citizens, a strong Israel is reliant on content people who have the belief that prosperity is always reachable, who know that they are protected – be it in the north, south or center of the land. A strong Israel will provide continuous freedom to believe in a greater power than that of politicians, to believe in G-d, to believe in the power of the people. Of course, affordable housing is crucial to the confidence and stability of young families, our future leaders, and perhaps most importantly a robust and equal education, gifting our young with tremendous capacity and capability to soar into their future. It is my wish that your vote equals the above, but remember, that beyond your vote remains the ability and influence of the people to make sure that these expectations are continuously driven into the mindset and ambitions of the political leaders.

Who knows, maybe in a miraculous manner, when all the clamor and robust promises of the election campaign is over, when the vociferous and awkward use of public discourse has quietened down and the power of the people have found their leaders, just maybe in a moment of mindfulness, our nation will unite to move forward with positive and vivacious efforts in strengthening a prosperous, faithful and peaceful future. Greater miracles have happened in our remarkable story. “Shevet achim ve achayot”.

About the Author
Daniel has held various roles in Jewish organizations and, in between, pursues entrepreneurial and creative interests. He believes deeply in Jewish peoplehood.
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