Andee Goldman
Andee Goldman

Debate on the American Presidential Election

Election frenzy has hit Israel. Hillary or Trump? Four Presidential Debates have been scheduled to educate Americans living in Israel on both the Democratic and Republican platforms on issues that impact not only the 300,000 U.S. citizens living in Israel, but the 8 Million Americans (excluding military) who live in 160-plus countries.

Elections present voters with important choices. America’s national race could change the direction of the country and world’s politics. It is a time to consider the issues which you care about and decide which candidate you support. Overseas voters have similar worries as domestic voters. Safety from terrorists, strong US economy, and the future of Social Security.

Laws have been passed that impacted many Americans living overseas. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), became effective on 1 January 2013. Why are the innocent always hurt? Should a couple who moved overseas as children, never worked in America; yet, had to go to the local US Embassy at the age of 80 to apply for a Social Security card, since the bank in the foreign country where they live, froze their account until they provided a social security number for an American W-9?

What about American banks and Americans overseas? Many American banks and credit card companies will not offer their products if you have a foreign address. Several American banks that welcomed Americans overseas recently stopped offering products such as CD’s and Mutual Funds. An American company that currently sells Israeli bonds to clients is not able to offer the option of purchasing Israel Bonds if your permanent address is in Israel, only if you live in America

Those of us who live in Israel are concerned about electing a President that will support Israel and help defend her against those who want to destroy her.

How do voters go about comparing and then judging the candidates? The best way is to learn the facts or truths. Americans living in Israel want to be educated and are grateful to ESRA for sponsoring a Presidential Debates in Israel. “ESRA’s aim is to help English speaking families and new immigrants by providing social, cultural, educational and civic activities. We are proud to sponsor an American Presidential Debate in Israel.”

Debate! And Vote!
Debate! And Vote!

Tuesday, September 20th @ 19:30 – Raanana

ESRA is hosting a Republican Party or Democratic Party – Debate on the American Presidential Election. An unique opportunity for Americans and Israelis to see democracy up close. The evening is open to everyone interested in American politics. What are the Republicans and Democratic parties’ platforms regarding issues that impact Israel, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, USA and Israel Relationship, FATCA, FBAR, and global economy?

‎Marc Zell – Co-Chair of Republicans Overseas Israel and Vice-President of Republicans Overseas ‎International. Born in Washington and currently based in Israel.‎

Sheldon Schorer – Attorney practising in Israel and New York. Former spokesperson for the Israeli ‎branch of the American Democrat Party.‎

Moderator: Haviv Gur — Israeli journalist and political correspondent and analyst for ‎THE TIMES OF ISRAEL

Location: Kehillat Raanan, 94 Pardess Meshutaf, Raanana Contact Name: ESRA Beit Fisher 09-748-2957

“ESRA’s aim is to help English speaking families and new immigrants by providing social, cultural, educational and civic activities. We are proud to sponsor an American Presidential Debate in Israel.”

If you have any voting questions, you can reach Andee Goldman, at or for your Absentee Ballot request

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Andee Goldman moved to Israel in 2006 from Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 2008, as a nonpartisan, she has volunteered helping Americans overseas to vote in America's Federal Elections. YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE As an Israeli, she has become a history buff and enjoys sharing her experience and travels around Israel and the world!! Andee is available to answer your voting questions at
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