Debunking the Libels: Human rights as a weapon of legitimisation

My friends David Collier, Richard Millett and Jonathan Hoffman have blogged about the now closed exhibition, “you cannot pass today” at the Hind Street Methodist Church in London’s West end last week. Indeed Jonathan organised the counter protest that was to take place outside the church. Although I no longer counter protest as I believe we simply give oxygen to our detractors by creating an audience they otherwise would not have, I put my name down to support my friends. So why did I change my mind?

Over the weekend before the opening of this exhibition, the UK Zionist Federation hailed as a victory the negotiated agreement for representation inside the church. The exhibition opened with a Board of Deputies/UK Zionist Federation poster and leaflets inside with volunteers to explain the rationale for the security barrier. Several volunteers, me amongst them, withdrew their support. Reports emerged that some visitors were astounded to hear our side, so why am I still convinced the deal was a bad deal?

The debate in the Jewish community about who should be engaged and on what terms continues, with some believing that we should be connecting and working with groups and NGOs like WCC, Oxfam, Faith Matters, Hope not hate and Tell Mamma. Others, like me, believe we should not be in bed with such organisations.

Furthermore, having participated in many counter demonstrations, I believe there is no point in counter-protesting our enemies activities. This is because we mostly give them a life they would otherwise not have. Whilst the rationale in negotiating a deal with the Hind Street Methodist Church might have been noble in intent, the outcome is not the positive achievement many would have us believe. This was not a victory, but an affirmation of the libels perpetrated on Jews and Israel, as the body of the Jews. It is the very reason our detractors can get away with their notion that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, but simply criticism of Israel; that we invoke the anti-Semitism card as a veil behind which we hide our true malevolent intent.

This exhibition was designed to propagate the Arab Palestinian narrative, a narrative described in the PLO Charter as the weapon to delegitimise the Jews of Israel and through that the Jewish people. Reports describe the installation as cheap and poorly constructed, comprised of boxwood and chicken-wire lined with pin-up messages. However, by its simplistic, colourless design this installation illustrated the supposed suffering and imprisonment of Palestinian Arabs, their bleak lives and their struggle to pass through to nirvana hogged by Jews. Reinforcing their delegitimisation of Israel, the chicken-wire, depicting the fences they claim warehouse Arabs on the hills surrounding Bethlehem, formed a graphic of replacement ideology in which an ancient Arab Palestinian people  is usurped by the newcomers, the Jews, wiping out 3000 years of Jewish history. And there amongst this bleakness was a poster and flyers on display, illustrative of the abuse attributed to Israeli power.

There are many libels perpetrated on Israel and through Israel on the Jews. The notorious Blood Libel is most often invoked, but what about the myriad of ways Israel and, through the land of the Jews, the Jewish people, denigrated, delegitimised, reduced to a number with no name?

This is why we of Campaign4Truth, an independent grassroots organisation, have decided to expose those libels, one by one, until the message is grasped that the modern means of destroying the Jew, whose religion, persona, land and history have been hijacked in the name of an Arab Palestinian people, created as a weapon to perpetrate those libels, has replaced the now unacceptable genocidal methodology designed by the Germans last century. So join us on this pro-active journey in securing our own space as a legitimate people amongst the nations of the world.

The first in our series DEBUNKING THE LIBELS will be delivered by Knesset member Amir Ohana MK this coming Thursday in London.  He will be discussing Human Rights as a weapon of delegitimisation of Israel and, amongst general human rights issues, he will address the notion of “pinkwashing” that he wrote about in his article published in the Jewish Chronicle this week.

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About the Author
Sharon Klaff lives in London with her family where she is active in combating replacement ideology and antisemitism. She is a founder member of Campaign4Truth, the grassroots group established in 2009 and affiliated with Eye on Antisemitism monitoring anti-Semitism on social media.
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