Decades later Israel’s threat is not just from the Palestinians. It’s from the Arab world

As unfortunate as it may sound, an argument can be made that Palestinian terrorists are pawns for more than just the Iranian government.  After the recent comments from Arab League Secretary General  Aboul Gheit, one can’t help but wonder if the wars waged against Israel decades ago by neighboring nations is still being conducted, if not directly then by proxy.

Why else would sovereign nations not only accept, but allow themselves to be represented by some of Gheit’s comments?

For example;

“Israel is playing with fire when it tries changing the status quo in the Holy City, especially the al-Aksa mosque.”

A totally disingenuous statement when the only reason any status quo is being impacted is as a result of Palestinian terrorists attacking Muslim police officers.

“Jerusalem is a red line, Arabs and Muslims will not allow harm to it.”

Questionable statement at best. By “harm to it” does he mean protect it? The dispute was over metal detectors, instruments used to protect something not to harm it.  Unless one planned to hit someone over the head I find it difficult to understand what harm Arabs and Muslims would be looking to prevent.

A spokesman for the secretary general accused Israel of trying to “Judaize” Jerusalem, a city which they said had an “Arab character.” The statement also said:

“Excavations around the Temple Mount to look for Jewish symbols have no basis in reality.”

On the surface this seems like a less significant statement than the others, but in reality it may just be the most poignant.  It indicates what Jews would have to look forward to if Arabs ran Jerusalem in what Gheit refers to as “Arab character”. Muslims are given the right to worship in a Jewish run Jerusalem, while this statement indicated were it reversed Jews would not be given the same rights due to a so-called lack of “basis in reality.  Ironic how BDS supporters accuse Israel of being an Apartheid state.

Aboul Gheit also claimed:

“Israel is trying to take over the Old City although no other country recognizes its sovereignty there, and it is considered one the most final status issues between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Israel took over the Old City in 1967 when it won the war against hostile neighbors including Jordan.  The same Jordan that never wanted the Palestinians back in their country and were happy someone else had the issue to contend with.  The same Jordan that today, likely due to the pressure from its populous, pressured Israel in regard to the metal detectors in question.

Gheit went on the stress that any changes in the Old City “constitute a red line” and encouraged the international community – particularly the United States –

“To take responsibility and to oblige the Israeli government to maintain the status quo.”

Aboul Gheit shows in this statement how much he represents the underlying problem.  If the status quo was peaceful he’d be correct.  However, in an effort to undermine Israel’s basic rights he skips over the violence.  He skips over Druze policemen being murdered when assigned to protect other Muslims and skips over the horror of a Jewish family opening up the door during a Friday night celebration to a terrorist with a knife who proceeds to kill 3 family members.  If About Gheit was willing to address those issues and then call for maintaining the status quo he would show indications of being genuine. Instead he brazenly lays all the blame on Israel and acts as though the terror attacks never took place.

Finally he added:

“Israel is playing with fire and has ignited a major crisis in the Arab world, making the struggle with the Palestinians a religious struggle – which will lead to disastrous consequences for the future.”

Examine the treatment of Jews in Arab countries over decades and then tell me Israel is making this a religious struggle.  Look at attacks on Jews in Europe by terrorists claiming to support the Palestinian cause and say this isn’t a religious struggle.  Look at the places in the Arab world today where Jews are neither allowed entry nor welcome and then make a case for how Israel is making this a religious struggle.  It’s nonsense, and the worst part is that Aboul Gheit likely knows that it is.  He just knows he is appealing to a passionate base that is fueled by hate and his own power is strengthened by feeding that hate.  He is just another example of an Arab leader using his own people to further his own personal ambitions.  He may not order missile attacks, but he is not that much different from those that lead Hamas.

The situation in Israel today is one that accentuates the true problem, and that is that one side truly wants peace while the other does not.  Even at its worst Israel is motivated by self-preservation, and would the Arab and Palestinian world ever truly work towards peace with Israel they would see the truth. Unfortunately since their actions do not encourage peace they force Israel to react in a way they claim is indicative of Israel’s true intentions, subsequently making it look to much of the world as though Israel is the cause of the recurring violence.  But truth be told, by their standard Israel is the cause, for as long as it exists there will be violence.  At least until the Arab world gets better leaders than Aboul Gheit.

Decades ago Golda Meir said something brilliant, powerful and tragic that still rings true today.

“Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

Sadly that day has not yet come and in recent days looks to be anything but near.

About the Author
David Groen is the youngest of 5 children and the author of "Jew Face: A Story of love and heroim in Nazi-occupied Holland"
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