Defending the indefensible

Lithuanians are shaking in their jackboots. The capitulation of western forces in Afghanistan has Lithuania seeking reassurance that their protectors will have spine enough to defend them from Russia. They should be afraid.

One Lithuanian response is to “virtue signal” (falsified values to transmit a desired image) how western oriented they are. How much they share European values. Their enemies are horrendous. These claims are factually deficient.

Lithuania puts across the false image of being a human rights haven. Human rights are not a consideration. The similarities between Russia and Lithuania in their treatment of gay citizens are equally repelling.

Lithuania, by virtue of the current world situation, is just one country facing a refugee immigration “crisis”. Belarussian (white skinned) refugees entering Lithuania are welcomed. Dark-skinned refugee immigrants are rejected. Lithuanian representations of “human rights” are almost completely dependent upon race, religion and sexual orientation. This marginalization results in racist conduct, effectively making Lithuania appear to be a nation of white supremacists.

To gratuitously give in to EU requirements, Lithuanian officials are begrudgingly admitting a mere 176 Afghan refugees. Of course, Lithuania has an expected “safety net” that these intruders will leave Lithuania for Germany, England, France or Sweden, as quickly as possible.

Lithuania petulantly tweets about Russian disinformation and misinformation. This is stunning hypocrisy since Lithuania itself is guilty of extensive holocaust revision and denial. This disgusting display of misinformation in regard to the Holocaust, and Lithuanian collaboration is much more egregious than plain ordinary rubber stamp Russian racism.

An example is this cunning tweet by the current Prime Minister of Lithuania:

Screenshot from Twitter

These coordinated talking points from Lithuanian Government officials all claim to mourn the victims of nefarious regimes such as Communists and Nazi’s. Somehow, they forget to mention the 220,000 Jews that were murdered mostly by Lithuanian citizens themselves. These murders are all branded with the Nazi stigma to shift blame away from Lithuania and absolve themselves of the criminal slaughter of their Jewish minority. This blind hatred is prime Holocaust revision and denial.

The murders in Lithuania were intimate. Savage and brutal Lithuanians, in a blood frenzy, raped and slaughtered. This was not an organized, consciousless mechanical murder operation. It was simply Lithuanian neighbors finally, freely allowed and encouraged to murder their Jewish neighbors.

Under 1,000 SS were posted in Lithuania, so there were only one or two Nazi’s present at the killing festivals, often none. This resulted in a catastrophic 96.4% of Lithuanian Jews dispatched into abattoirs. The epic cruelty displayed by Lithuanians was astonishing, there are records and nightmare memories of Jews actually seeking protection from Nazis. Nazis would just murder, without the carnival atmosphere of the most appalling public enjoyment of tortures and humiliations[1].

To date Lithuania has never punished a single murderer of a Jew. They have gone so far as to make many of their murderers into their national heroes. This is a statement of Lithuanian national values.

From September 1939 to June 1941, Germany controlled millions of Jews in the western half of Poland. There was severe discrimination against Poles and Jews, but no mass-murders. Lithuania demonstrated the roadmap to genocide. In the summer of 1941, Germans had no specific plan for “inferior races”. The goal was Lebensraum – the conquest of European land. The Holocaust was put into motion by Germany on January 20, 1942, AFTER Lithuanians had almost completed the annihilation of their Jewish population.

Many countries were allied with, or sympathetic to the Nazi Reich. Finland was attacked by the Soviet Union in 1940 and lost tens of thousands of soldiers. Finland welcomed Nazi Germany as a belligerent comrade against the Soviet Union. Finns never accepted the Nazi claim that Jews were linked to Soviets. Not a single Finnish Jew was murdered by the Finns or deported from Finland. Not a single Finnish synagogue was closed. Lithuanians in contrast turned their bloodlust and antisemitism into a national sport. The legend of the Lithuanian basketball game where the prize was to kill ten Jews for each winner, became a grotesque national pageant.

By contrast, in June 1940, the Lithuanian leadership turned over their country to the Soviets, requiring complete Lithuanian cooperation. Of course, there were no Jews in the Lithuanian government. Instead of blaming ethnic Lithuanian cowards, the Lithuanian underground adopted the absurd Nazi claims that attacking Jews was legitimate and desirable to take revenge against the Soviets for their conquering behavior. The mass murders, theft, torture, and rape that occurred between July and October 1941 was perpetrated almost solely by ethnic Lithuanians.

Lithuania continues to suppress factual history, and instead, follows in the footsteps of all unrepentant Jew haters by scapegoating Jews and holding them directly responsible for every twist of fate.

Many Lithuanian perpetrators escaped to Germany in the summer of 1944, calculating that their chances of escaping justice were better in naive, tolerant Western countries. They would never claim to have been Nazi collaborators, only because that would have barred them from asylum in the West. In the Cold War era, they adopted the posture of having been “anti-Soviet Freedom Fighters.” There were “blank spots” in their created personal histories. “Lithuania’s Jews?” “Oh, you know, the Nazis killed them.” “And the Soviets manufacture lies.” Lithuania assumed the role of freedom fighting martyrs and bemoaned the dreadful Nazis and the horrid Soviets for having ruined their perfect state.

In 2001 Prof. Saulius Suziedelis wrote optimistically that the Lithuanian Government’s new Genocide Center would finally present the truth to Lithuanians. His optimism was illusory since it has never happened. When caught committing deception and denial of their Holocaust curriculum vitae, the Lithuanian government lies. They replace one idealogue with another, and nothing ever changes. There is no path to truth inside Lithuania. The Government, courts, and criminal authorities collude, hiding and subverting the real facts of the Holocaust and their intimate involvement. Lithuania uses militaristic intimidation to frighten and silence any opposition and exposure of Holocaust truths. The Lithuanian Government’s Genocide Center is a total national fraud.

The Lithuanian National Museum honors Holocaust perpetrators by simply overlooking their murderous deeds. The names of the worst Holocaust Perpetrators are engraved in honor on the exterior of their Genocide Museum. This Genocide Museum is, unsurprisingly, the country’s top tourist attraction, since even Jewish cemeteries were destroyed.

United States Congressional documents have been manipulated by the Lithuanian Government for purposes of Holocaust denial, revision and deception. Congress complained in 2012. Of course, Congress’s complaints were ignored.

In 2019 Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) pointed out specific deceptions and intentional errors, requesting their immediate correction. Like schoolyard bullies, the Lithuanian government responded by taunting Congressman Sherman, calling him “just a politician”. They then put forth the ridiculous claim of possessing more US Law and Congressional protocol expertise than any member of Congress. These are the very politicians who support Lithuanian NATO membership. They are ignored, belittled, and considered disposable in Lithuanian efforts to honor Holocaust perpetrators. The Lithuanian fervored belief that these Holocaust perpetrators are actually venerated heroes, jeopardizes their country under a muddy surface of lies.

The Lithuanian government consistently deceives gullible Jewish groups. They express regrets for “lost Jews”. In fact these Jews were not “lost” or abducted by aliens, they were slaughtered. Lithuania honors the very perpetrators that caused these Jews to be “lost”. Yet, they still claim to be actively combating antisemitism.

In response to threatened academic exposure, the government now states they seek external sources to review their glorious history. That review evaporated into Lithuanian ether decades ago. Holocaust revisionism is state policy.

A plaque honoring the “virtues” of one such National Hero, Kazys Skirpa stands in front of the National Museum of Lithuania, today. Skirpa called for the permanent and immediate elimination of all Jews from Lithuania and compounded this lunacy by demanding the elimination be a permanent foundation of the Lithuanian National State; this travesty has never been revoked or repudiated by anyone. 220,000 Jews were murdered in Lithuania to complete Skirpa’s mission. The Lithuanian government has revised history once again; they deem his calls to eliminate Jews as a simple “incidence of antisemitism”, but hardly enough to merit revocation his National Honors. Subsequent American FBI investigations linked Skirpa to the highest levels of Nazi Germany. Apparently, this is no impediment to Lithuanian hero worship.

The government of Lithuania shifts positions as it suits them to exculpate Holocaust perpetrators. Cvirka, a Lithuanian who was a collaborator with the Soviets is condemned for it. The worst of Lithuanian Holocaust perpetrators have a free pass to be exonerated. According to them, they maintain the fiction that Nazi Germans forced them into committing atrocious tortures and inhuman death. Lithuanians who were organizers of murder, are usually forgiven by claiming they were not the actual shooters. They have no problem shifting standards and facts to excuse and hide Lithuanian murderers. The Lithuanian Government takes the position that those Lithuanians who were present at the slaughters of Jews MUST be considered to be “completely innocent” unless they were tried and convicted during their own lifetimes.

If we are forced to apply these standards and facts, this would mean that monstrous dictators, Stalin and Hitler must be considered “completely innocent”. By their own standards, we would have to consider Putin and Lukashenko completely without fault and innocent in any abuse of Lithuania and Lithuanians. This revisionism resulted in a double standard that cannot be justified.

Lithuanians constantly refer to themselves as rescuers of Jews, and saviors to their neighbors. In fact, only 0.04% of Lithuanians can be considered to have shown the humanity and compassion considered “Righteous among the Nations” by Yad Vashem. Lithuanian relentless focus on being rescuers rather than perpetrators is meant to deflect and distract away from the 99.96% of Lithuanians not recognized as rescuers. Thousands and thousands of Lithuanians were direct participants in violence and persecution of Jews. They greedily participated in the robbery and theft of all Jewish property. Lithuania is a national, bloodsoaked,  crime scene.

To maintain and perfect their false narrative, the Lithuanian government has employed deliberate techniques. They claim that known forgeries of documents relating to Jewish mass murder, are genuine. They constantly use decoys and deflection, and the truth implodes. With this, they have invented clever, but implausible excuses as reasons to distrust eyewitness testimony. They manufacture new alternative facts. They attribute complex conclusions to sources that report the opposite, and deliberately misinterpret texts. This is the very definition of disinformation and misinformation.

A small percentage of Jews and Jewish organizations have swallowed the bitter pills and work and cooperate with the Lithuanian government. These are rewarded for their manufactured blindness and betrayal of their own people with honors. Jews who speak out are met with derision.

Their Machiavellian government blithely signs international agreements but have no intention of honoring them. A prime example is the constant Lithuanian promise that they will not consider Lithuanian Holocaust perpetrators as their heroes.

Lithuania is the only country in the world to go to court to defend the good reputation of a genocidal Nazi murderer.

Lithuania makes a mockery of Holocaust education with subversive falsehoods and twisted facts. Ironically, the actual Holocaust itself was the awful result of centuries of antisemitism through dishonest information. This tradition continues to this day.

Either the 121 Jewish Survivors in the Koniuchowsky testimonies are delusional, or the Lithuanian government is lying. Lithuanians lie about dead Lithuanian Jews leading any sane person to the conclusion that 121 harrowing separate testimonies are more reliable than the Holocaust deniers and revisionists of Lithuania.

It is not only Jews who cannot appease Holocaust revisionists. Their lies are comprehensive and effortless. They are terrified about the only genocide ever perpetrated in Lithuania. We have to wonder if there is any outrageous disinformation that Lithuanian will not issue. Holocaust revisionism is antisemitism. Lithuania is masterful in fabricating their completely dishonest view of the Holocaust.

White Eastern Europe is held to a different standard than is the brown Middle East. Despite all promises, treaties, and elaborate representations, US and NATO simply capitulated in regard to Afghanistan. There is a real possibility that they can continue to capitulate on terrorism. It is a foolish expectation to think anything else. Should the mothers of American troops risk their children’s lives for our inconvenient, and unreliable ally, Lithuania?

The Genocide Center, when previously presided over by current Lithuanian Minister of Defense, Arvydas Anusauskas, shepherded Lithuania’s unspooling of fraudulent history. This Genocide Center is an illusionary façade. The Government actually investigated Jewish Holocaust Survivors for possibly having committed war crimes in order to stay alive.

As recently as 2019, Minister Anusauskas publicly issued false Holocaust revisionism defending the unfettered slaughterer, Jonas Noreika. Noreika’s version of Hitler’s deranged Mein Kampf is a valid existing Lithuanian training manual for Lithuanian military recruits.

The collaborators / perpetrators / murderers parade across the front covers of military and civilian magazines, pamphlets and social media.

Lithuanian Minister of Defense, Arvydas Anusauskas cries Lithuanian victimhood, by including in his victim count, Jews that Lithuanians themselves murdered. With truth so inverted, how can Americans trust our soldiers to serve under such false pretenses in Lithuania?


Should our US military and NATO partners be protecting a country with such reprehensible fundamental doctrines? If so, why?

[1] Lithuanian murders are described in 121 testimonies in The Lithuanian Slaughter of its Jews: The Testimonies of 121 Jewish survivors of the Holocaust in Lithuanian, recorded by Leyb Koniuchowsky, in Displaced Persons’ Camps (1946-48).

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