Delirious Democrats…. Stranger Things Have Happened

America is going crazy with its variety of would-be Democratic candidates for the next presidential election. The two main leading candidates are as different from one another as day is from night.

Bernie Sanders is a genuine socialist, a non-practicing Jew married to a Catholic woman. He lived on a kibbutz in Israel when he was young, a Shomer HaTzair kibbutz. It was there that he first learned to salute a red flag, the banner of the communist Soviet Union. It was there that he learned to sing the communist anthem Internationale. On an Israeli kibbutz his socialism was born.

He calls himself a socialist. An acceptable term. President Trump calls him a communist. Not so acceptable.

In his recent remarks in Iowa seeking voters to elect him as an opponent to President Trump, he vilified the American president in the most vile names inside and outside of decent political vocabulary.

Those are words which we could use in describing our Israeli prime minister but they are not words which American presidents are accustomed to hear about themselves.

Bernie Sanders is not a warm friend of Israel in any way. He is not a loyal member of the Jewish people. His sympathy is more to an Arab cause and much less than an interest in the well-being of our Jewish Zionist State.

Campaigning with him is Pete Buttigieg, a popular mayor in the city of South Bend in the state of Indiana. He is openly gay and is married to another gay man. They are the gay parents of two young children.

I am not in any way prejudiced among gay people or members of the LGBTQ associations. Some of the world’s finest artists, authors, musicians, film stars, gifted politicians among others were and are homosexual. It is as old as time. Read about the love between Prince Jonathan (son of King Saul) and his beloved friend David, soon to become king of Israel. A warm, tender and beautiful love story.

We have gay members of our Knesset. We have gays in our government and in our political parties. We have gay rabbis hiding in closets. There are gay men and women in Israel who hold distinctive titles and who serve us honestly, diligently and well. Their sexuality plays little or no part in the performance of their elected duties. If many of them were not “out of the closet” we would have no way of guessing.

Curious minds might ask “Oh look… he is 39 years old, never married, does not go out on dates with young women… perhaps he is gay?” To tell the truth, who cares? Why is it anyone’s business to interfere in another’s life?

Now, if a Democratic socialist-“commie” Jew or a gay Catholic mayor should win the nomination of his party and eventually win enough votes to enter the White House, how would it affect American lives?

The Catholic mayor is a strong supporter of Israel. The Jewish senator from Vermont is not.

As delirious as Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats are at this time, it seems very sure, after listening to President Trump’s beautiful oration of his State of the Union message to the American people that all is well and will continue to be well under his leadership. And following on the heels of his pro-Israel Deal of the Century Peace Plan he is guaranteed to get large approval at the ballot box by millions of pro-Israel American Jews.

And approval grows louder from our side across the waves of the sea and ocean which separate us. If the American president should lose the election (extremely doubtful), he could convert to Judaism, make aliyah, and by popular vote he would be elected Prime Minister of Israel. Why not?
Stranger things have happened.

If we could put up with a Bibi for such a long time, why not a Donald?

* * *

P.S. Moments after writing this article and prior to sending it to my editor for publication, I have just received the breaking news that the American Senate by a vote of 48-52 in Article 1 and 47-53 in Article 2 of charges of impeachment brought by Democratic members in the House of Representatives have voted to acquit President Donald John Trump of all charges. He is NOT GUILTY. (Bibi Netanyahu should be so lucky in our Knesset). Long live justice and long live democratic government.

I have sent an e-mail letter of congratulations to President Trump and within minutes have received a thank-you e-mail letter from him in the White House.

(Such a courtesy which is unknown in our Israel).

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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